Dissertation chapter – Discussion on E-Commerce

Discussion on E-Commerce

Organizations that have e-commerce policy and are secure tend to create strong bonds with their clients. This trust is generated via the secure nature of payment mode that is transacted across digital platforms.  However, in cases where a section of firms incur technical security issues, trust is a vital element that can enable customers to stay loyal to the company. It is evident that security serves as a significant factor. This is because it sustains the status of organization that operates via the internet.

However, the rise of cyber attacks has lead to growth of violation cases that targets the top firms. These breaches tend to influence the behavior of clients on online platforms. In some cases, it can make clients to shift to other secure firms. To handle such matters, most companies employ public relations. This is  to instill the public with positive information about the firm. In this manner, such incidences do not affect the habit of potential online clients in future. A good reason to explain this is that internet customers have knowledge concerning the crimes.

This implies that the clients are getting used to such acts and building trusts with online firms. Conversely, there is need to deal with the manner in which customers conduct themselves online. This is vital because it assists to restore the reputation of the affected companies. Furthermore, there is need to initiate secure systems to prevent violation of security on online platforms. This can be accomplished via use of protected protocols to serve in e-commerce related environments.

The next strategy to prevent insecure systems is by evaluating consumer behavior to examine the structure of payment. The attributes to the character of clients and can be used to reduce crimes in future on detection of suspicious activity. These steps are vital because they alert users when security is breached to protect online platforms.



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