Dissertation chapter on Invention: Lesson procedure, modification and methods

Invention: Lesson procedure, modification and methods

This is a film that depicts various elements concerning lesson procedures to determine the learning results of a student.  Evaluating the learner levels, the goal of this procedure is to consider plans and execution in learning. This implies that when learning objective is made in the process, it benefits both the student and the teacher. The instructor accomplishes the goal of imparting information while the learner gains the knowledge.

The goals of the lesson include putting the students in mood and preparing them for the lesson. Another one is to highlight simplicity and vital invention details to understand the leaning process (Clotfelter, 2014). It facilitates the invention procedure by enabling students to use the material that they have. This later benefits the students by guiding them to create new inventions.

It is significant to recognize that creating a study setting is the key part of desirable tactics to teach. As seen in the video, learning processes are successful in relation to their objectives. This is clear when tutors divide the learning segments into theory and practice. In this regard, the modifications in the learning sessions will rely on the achievement level of the objectives. Furthermore, to enhance effective learning, teachers will be forced to add more simplified techniques and omit other irrelevant details.

In learning procedure, the modification methods subject the students to keep their materials safe to avoid damaging others. It is also vital for students to use visual aids to meet the goals of the lessons. These modifications enable students to be part of the demonstration by demonstrating the practical aspects. In general, the invention procedure requires tutors to understand needs of the students via monitoring. The modifications that apply in this case include creating a good relationship with both learners and parents.


Clotfelter, Mrs. (2014). Invention video. Retrieved from http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/89889776/file.html


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