Dissertation on Effects of vegetarianism and strength conditioning

Effects of vegetarianism and strength conditioning

The study about a vegetarian diet and its effect was essential to address how it is inferior to individuals who do not consume vegetables. The study could articulate on whether athletes who were subjected a diet of vegetables performed well in contrast to their counterparts.

Study report indicates that those who consumed non vegetable diet tend to have high endurance levels. In regard to diet and its effect to athletes, it is clear that their difference is not vital at the end. This further implies that in competitive sports, athletes enjoy advantages they gain from their diets in relation to their endurance and strength. Based on the outcome, it is clear that employees who were vegetarians were not affected strength wise (Baguet et al., 2011).

According to the linear graph, there was increase in sprint control among the non vegetarian. As a result, this facilitated diet components influencing their splint abilities. For instance, sport participants who feed on meet tend to increase their physical appearance via muscles. This implies that in contrast to their vegetarian counterparts, they would have more physical energy. Assessing health outcome, it is evident that athletes who are vegetarian improve their endurance levels but it does not guarantee their increase in performance.

Study also reveals that vegetarians depicted better performances in regard to their stamina and cardio-respiratory tests. For instance, 69 percent of individuals who fed on the vegetable diet could manage to hold their hands for thirty minutes contrasted to non vegetarians who only did it for 15 minutes. Other reports revealed that vegetarians performed poorly in power tests that were explosive and needed strength.  The debate on this test is still on progress which implies there is need for more research to come up with a definite conclusion.



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