Dissertation on The Different Types of Fractures

The Different Types of Fractures

Individuals encounter various forms of injuries which require all health practitioners to be aware of them. In this regard, different kinds of fractures affect various sections of a person’s body. A fracture is one of the body damages that subject an individual to pain. There are different forms of fractures and they include absolute and incomplete fractures. The target of this paper is to reflect on various forms of fractures.

After an occurrence that causes a fracture, they are further categorized as close or open. A closed fracture subject the victim to injury. However, it leaves the skin intact when it does not expose the inner bones. Conversely, open fracture mess with the skin and subjects it to damage and exposes the bones at the same time. The perspective of this topic is very significant especially when it comes to career matters (Bucholz, et al., 2009). This is because lack of these details means people will not be in a position to carry out treatment processes.

Furthermore, it is vital for individuals to note that the green stick fracture is not complete. This information is vital because it aids to ensure that the care granted to the injured person is related to the nature of the fracture. This kind of awareness also helps the medical practitioner to identify the difference in fractures to avoid causing more injury. In essence, this applies to injury whereby bones are not completely separated. Other kinds of fractures include spiral and traverse fractures.

Traverse fracture reflects a straight line that surrounds the bone whereas spiral fractures are evident in twisted kind of injuries. In addition, they also consist of spirals around the bones. To cure fractures, a medical practitioner needs to be aware of the various treatment involved. It is vital to learn about fractures to apply the knowledge in real life in case of an injury.




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