E-commerce Evolution and Security Essay

E-commerce Evolution and Security


Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce corporations in the United States. It majorly vends books to publishers as well as clients based on business to business as well as business to clients’ concepts. Because of globalization as well as network of computers, e-commerce has turned into an imperative facet in the latest economy for corporations adjusting with a worldwide approach (Botha et al, 2008). E-commerce is the conveyance of information or data, services and goods through computer network, telephone or several other ways (Kalakota & Whinston, 1997).

The technology uses a three-tier system concept that makes up a customer platform, the connecting bridge-the internet as well as server face. These elements aid in the success with other extra systems that include a warehouse. In contrast, a back-end makes up data and application servers where entire corporate logic as well as databases reside.

Amazon’s business model makes sure that corporate procedures from sale to commodity delivery are promised. Its information technology infrastructure wholly utilizes Linux based system, which fits in well with the oracle 9i platform to back extra services.

The corporation has one of the leading Linux databases with a capacity of more than 51 terabytes. It has a reputable data warehouse consisting of 28 HP servers, and more than 4 development hubs that back the whole technology infrastructure. The infrastructure assimilates with a Netscape protected business server that keeps credit card data to avert hackers from getting hold of the material. The corporation has been able to deploy services as well as applications on its e-commerce system that include Perl and visual basic because of the imperfect ability of the integral infrastructure.

High-level scripting languages that incorporate hypertext processor and java have led to advancements on how the corporations communicate with clients. In the current market, high end electronic catalogs enable trades when linked to databases at the back-end.

The corporation these days provides platform for other ventures. It presented its initial portable reader to make it easy for customers to download books when linked to amazon’s network via wireless system. The corporation as well offers high grade Wi-Fi capable laptops that have dual antennae to back faster streaming as well as downloads for its clients.  On the software front, Amazon has come up with applications that include the buy once-read everywhere app, which lets its clients to read their books on most tools as well as systems. The kindle device made has exceptional capabilities. It has faster processor speed, and also faster speeds than the normal notebooks as well as tablets. The corporation has transformed itself into a service-focused architecture that deals with transaction online.

Threats and Security Considerations

E-commerce systems need invariably remain online; but, dangers are emerging with many being cruel efforts to Proofreading-Editingobtain web-founded databases. Hackers attempt to enter sites by unveiling denial service attacks to avert genuine users from accessing the systems. One exceptional way of safeguarding an e-commerce website is by the utilization of new technologies in security known as adaptive security. This development by the adaptive network security alliance builds an intrusion prevention framework and links to other sensitive tools such as firewall switch to avert any invasion effort. On the other side, credit card detail is protected by enacting a secure socket layer to safeguard credit information stored in databases. Besides this, to guarantee privacy as well as verification, the secure electronic transaction standards code online merchant accounts from invaders who browse for credit card details.

Well-known corporation have to utilize virtual private networks to protect their transmission. This strategy utilizes a tunnel through a tunneling protocol to protect data that is being transferred. More facets promise a protected setting for interaction. These incorporate the digital verifications as well as core management systems that aid to administer information safety. While the core shortcoming in e-commerce is confidentiality, corporation have to safeguard the payment openings. This is due to the fact that clients need to trade on online stores as well as markets without doubt. This is due to advances in the invasion technologies that concentrate on ventures aiming at getting credit card information. This has been a core issues as it averts corporations from meeting their absolute output, as clients are invariably doubtful as well as cautious when it comes to online trade.

A safety thought when it comes to e-commerce is to come up with a system that cannot be tampered with and enables trade for client with less interferences. There is the desire to protect website servers at the back end, utilizing a network invasion detecting device, which observes network traffic that asks for entry to mission essential services. Entry tests ought to be undertake on websites systems to identify mistakes in the make, so as to get non-susceptible system that cannot be interfered with via cruel effort.

The systems ought to also provide mechanism to safeguard clients from offering delicate information. The technique that can be utilized incorporate social engineering as well as password guesses. When it comes to compliance and standards, the payment card sector information security standards in detail offer actions for e-commerce systems, in dealing with and transferring delicate cardholder details. Mobile business is a well developing system for e-commerce. Nevertheless, safety problems ought to be dealt with. This is possible via the wireless transport layer safety encryption, which codes and safeguards client’s information.

E-Commerce and Social Media

Social media systems that consists of Facebook and twitter are quite essential. The platforms offer a worth setting where well-known e-commerce corporation that include Amazon can improve brand entry as well as reacting to argumentations. A social media facet such as social shopping is turning into the freshest development where viral marketing impacts client option in social e-commerce (Pechuan et al, 2013). This facet utilizes devices to create theories of social commerce, whereby the buyer-seller trust links are meet via the utilization of business concepts that predict client trends.

Electronic gossip signifies an essential growing trend; it aids in electronic recommendation. This aids to build an instrumental connection which impacts client trustworthiness. It plays a great role of an efficient way of attracting and keeping clients as it presents and grows a permanent relation that is helpful to the venture. The corporation ought to look at trends in monetization, as this will aid the corporation to grow other means of creating revenue, instead of relying on book sales, auction websites as well as the cloud-based platform. This is workable via downloadable applications, which can be vended to aid the corporation accomplish upfront sales as well as create other income streams.

Internet Evolution and Ipv6 Internet Protocol

The expected growth of the internet is, largely depended on internet security. This is a core issue for online clients, as e-commerce systems ever link to unreliable computing setting that presents gateways for invasion as well as other kinds of assaults. Nevertheless, this is likely to occur via the invention of the IPv6 protocol. This is a breakthrough in the development of e-commerce systems. The protocol is protected as well as offers a vast address room that creates extra IP addresses that can be transferred to mobile devices (Mohapatra, 2012). On top of this, the packet structure does not let malware to enter business firewalls. In contrast, an IP security protocol known as IPsec to organize virtual networks over the internet. This makes it easy for companies and traders to fit in their systems to enable an easy and safe way of interacting over the internet.

Anticipated Migratory Path in the Evolution of E-Commerce

The Most recent statistics in e-commerce developments depict that agreement will be a core breakthrough in the migratory route of e-commerce. E-commerce corporations will have to vend beyond borders, even in the growing nations. These nations have to conform to e-commerce trade regulations. In line with Verizon, majority of corporations fail to conform to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The technical and safety standards in utilization of e-commerce payment entries is not satisfying in the third world nations.

Even though standardization and global rules make it challenging for corporation to enact a worldwide data system, conforming to set standards is vital. This impacts the accessibility, performance, as well as scalability of a concept, founded on e-commerce. The worldwide economy is far-reaching to other less developed countries as well as fast growing countries such as India. There is a necessity for nations to conform to global e-commerce standards. This will enable the assimilation of fruitful e-commerce corporations such as Amazon, with others to enable cross-border sales. Amazon’s future depends on technology based infrastructure, guided by invention; this theory is the impelling cause in this 21st century.

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