Economics Paper on Occupy Wall Street: Apocalyptic Zombie Capitalism

Occupy Wall Street: Apocalyptic Zombie Capitalism

According to Dow, economies are built around connections between people through hierarchical organizations or well-structured market systems (n.p). This means the success or failure of economies depends on how people control these systems. Therefore, apocalyptic zombie capitalism is a symbolic phenomenon that describes the events in which the compact majority is hunted by the minute rich in the society squeezing the little that they have at their disposal. Zombies are animated creatures in films that survive by feeding on living human beings; McNally states that mere survival is often the best that many working-class people can hope for (n.p). Therefore, zombie rebellion is based on the ideology that the wealthy can be stopped from taking advantage of the middle and poverty stricken individuals. Based on the fact that the protests are peaceful, the zombie rebellion is efficient as it depicts the economical rot and unfair equity of resources in the society.

Occupy Wall Street is demonstration that started on 2011 and aims at addressing the social and economic inequity in the world. Just like the zombie rebellion, it is concerned with the idea of government picking winners or losers in the free market or influencing capitalism. Americans find it palatable to hold such a demonstration because they are entitled to a free market where market forces shape the economy. Unfortunately, the government plays a role in strengthening some institutions for some individual interests.  As a result, the cost of products hike, labor laws are not observed, and leaders have a direct influence on any institution. Occupy Wall Street has seen some success by demanding an increase in minimum wage and setting a new economic bar to aid the low-income workers (Berman n.p). Therefore, the two demonstrations have a common cause which is to redeem the middle working class people in America.


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