Economics Research Paper on Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies to Exports and Imports

Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies to Exports and Imports

Fiscal policy is related with the system of finance. This structure is influenced by alteration in government leadership via its expenses and income. Monetary policy is related with power of a certain country. This is in relation to how it controls the supply of money to determine the rates of interest. These policies are executed to promote growth and enhance stability in the economy.

Evidently, governments across the globe embrace these policies to alter the manner in which they perform in the economy. Similarly, these policies also have an outcome on exports and imports. This is accredited to a variety of prices in both exports and imports hence influenced by monetary policy and fiscal of a given state.

Fiscal policies are applied by leaders in various countries to change the total levels of demand in the nation. Their objective is to target stability of goods and services and the rates of employment. The government can also alter fiscal policy by escalating its expenses. A fiscal policy that is expansionary reflects the manner in which the government increases their rates of spending. Assets and investments are granted an inducement that is verified to offer investors huge profits.

A contractionary financial is a guiding element that aids the government to reduce its spending habits. This is accomplished when the government increases its tax rates. However, foreign investors will find it expensive to conduct business in such a country. Conversely, the outcome of monetary policies are clear when the rates of inflation becomes positive. The effect of expansionary monetary policies is also evident when economists reject the rates of interest in a domestic market place.


To avoid inflation, the government needs to enhance a strong economy by implementing strong policies to facilitate welfare of its citizens in the society.


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