Economics Sample Coursework on Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is the activity of starting, organizing and managing a business venture. In this situation, it is significant for an entrepreneur to incur risks that are related with commercial activities. For instance, entrepreneurship involves activities such as inventing a new form of trade.

Business that operates on private terms is associated with imaginations and risks. This implies that individuals have to be innovative in trade. Furthermore, they should not be afraid of incurring risks to be successful in this field. Entrepreneurs have the ability to formulate the needed sources to enhance a business. In the past, entrepreneurs required a land, capital, raw materials and work force to initiate a business. However, in the current society, business starts small from rooms to huge industries.

An example of a leading entrepreneur in the 21rst century is Mark Zuckerberg. He is an individual who initiated face book, a leading network that enhances networking on social platform. As the top business personality, Zuckerberg has become popular due to his face book innovation. Individuals who ought to qualify for this title need to work extremely hard and embrace critical traits (Baron, 2011). For instance, Zuckerberg is a self motivated individual because he began to program for his modern website while still in college.

Evidently, his motivation became clear when he took a break from college to concentrate on his work. Through self motivation, he believed that his business idea would be successful. He is the kind of a person who is driven by natural traits. Aspects that contributed to success of his website include innovation, capability to recognize chances at the market and his intelligence. In addition, Zuckerberg is also perceived to be very creative. This is clear when his website had features that other websites lacked. To be part of a business venture, it is essential for an individual to be innovative and creative in his ideas to enhance success.



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