Economics: Sample Essay on The Economy of the U.S

The Economy of the U.S

Americans have incurred a huge burden when the government intervened with the economy. This intervention takes place in different ways. This is evident when the American leadership imposes taxes on salaries of its citizens. As a result, this move hinders their freedom of choice. Another way which the government intruded the economy is when it decided to make trade operate on regulations.

This step became beneficial to US administration especially when they made use of funds to run their errands. However, this became a huge burden to citizens who were being taxed. The reason is because all of them had no jobs that paid well to enable them to pay taxes. The salaries that a section of the citizens earned could not allow them to access basic needs such as food. The condition to enhance growth in American economy is very positive. However, the nation still goes through various struggles that hinder them to completely achieve their objective.

Accomplishing an appropriate economy is attributed to the authority of US leadership. By ensuring that citizens pay taxes, the government has been in a position to collect sufficient revenue. This has enabled the nation to carry on with its activities. Based on the current leadership in America, the key responsibility of the government is to eliminate poverty. This is vital because it will upgrade the life style of the US people (Fishback 5). Their attempt is clear when leaders participate in international trade.

Participation in international business has enabled the government to have enough money to control the economy. Evidently, there is improvement in US economy and to maintain it, the government need to reduce tariffs to facilitate trade. To further promote the economy, US leaders need to develop the education sector. This is a significant step because it will improve the living standards of Americans in future.


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