Education Paper on Minority Bullying and Suicide attempt

Minority Bullying and Suicide attempt

A research carried on intersectionality in 2010, showed that there is a lot of bullying in schools that led to suicide attempt and sometimes cause of death amongst the teens who are in there adolescence (LeVasseur et al 1). The incidents were high on the minority; gays, lesbians and bisexuals because of their vulnerability in the society.

The study also suggested that the discrimination on sexual minority resulted in verbal and physical abuse. The discrimination was high on boys than the girls, this is because the girls were able to share what they are going through, in most cases the boys were quiet after going through bullying or being discriminated because they fear of being looked down upon. And also, the society has concentrated on girl-child and forgetting about the boy-child welfare; so the male youths always kept it to themselves and that is why rate of suicide attempt in boys was higher than girls.

An earlier study in 2002 established that discrimination, bullying and suicide vary across the race/ethnicity, for instance, the black youths were less bullied compared to Whites or Hispanics. The Hispanics were likely to share suicide attempt as compared to whites or black, so this study suggested that the whites or blacks were likely to commit suicide (LeVasseur et al2). LGB youths who were more victimized compared to heterosexual youths; this is due to diverse cultural beliefs. This is because the society hasn’t fully accepted them because of their sex orientation and this has made them remain mum. Although, through this article there is several shortcomings for example number of youths were not included in the study such as street youths, a number of youths in the street are either transgender, gays, lesbians and bisexuals because most of the time they have run away from home because their family didn’t accept them.

I chose this article specifically because there are many youths that are affected due to discrimination in the society just because of their race and sexual identity. For example, there is a lot of discrimination within the LGB community and this has led to HIV epidemic. This article also helps me to pay more attention and socialize with the teens that may be facing bullying and offer them help so that they can be able to cope with their new life. This will help them to accept themselves whether transgender, gay or lesbian. The article is relevant to me as a youth because I had faced the same challenge as a black boy being bullied and had no one to talk to and therefore I wouldn’t want any young person to go through that psychological torture.

The information from the article will guide me in the future as a teacher to help the minority groups through planning prevention programs that will make them feel part of the community. I will do it by providing counseling to youths who could be going through victimization, to avert going into depression that may make them commit suicide.  I will also assign members who can positively represent this minority group like in LGB youths, form groups in school for example lesbian-gay alliance and this will make them conquer the victimization.  Creating friendly environment will make them feel appreciated, loved and valued no matter their sex orientation. The goal will be, making them more productive and perform well in the school since they are free to express their feelings without being judged by their peers.



Michael, T, Elizabeth, Nicholas (2013).Intersecting Identities and the Association Between Bullying and Suicide Attempt Among New York City Youth