Education: Research Paper on Mechanical Engineering in Kuwait and the UK

Mechanical Engineering in Kuwait and the UK

The curriculum of education in the United Kingdom and Kuwait varies. In both countries, they embrace standards that provide improved education to its citizens. In this present generation, mechanical engineering serves as a vital education system. This field incorporates techniques that grant new expertise to students. As a result, they become accustomed to the needs that make them survive in this current world.

Clearly, countries such as UK and America are the first to introduce engineering studies. Many nations across the globe embraced the trend to find labors for their firms. A good example is Kuwait which improved its operation in the industrial sector. As a result, it offers engineering courses in various ways to instill learners with diverse skills in the profession. Equally, United Kingdom offers advanced education programs. This is because it understands properly the requirements in the industrial sector.

The fact both systems may differ or appear to be the same does not compromise with the education system (Bingham, 2009: 49). In the UK, there is freedom among learners to decide on the course they wish to pursue. However, the education curriculum in Kuwait does not allow students to relate with the outside world during their studies. In the UK, students are required to make a decision on the unit they want to study. Conversely, Kuwait allows all engineering leaners to learn a common unit during the first year. Later, students decide on the major that they wish to pursue.

The examination system in Kuwait aid in eliminating cheating issues. Learning in UK places emphasis on focus. In the UK, its higher education program is advanced when it enables learners to finish their studies faster in contrast to students from other countries. In Kuwait, study time is extended to expose students to engage in a practice that happens in real-world situations.


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