Education: Sample Essay on Teaching Strategies for Home Visitors

Teaching Strategies for Home Visitors

Home visiting is a practice that is put into consideration in plenty of developed states. It is a form of training that is connected to a family program. It aids household with children of tender age. It is beneficial because it determine the manner in which families operates. It is a concept that caters for safety and health in various families. As a result majority of schools have initiated programs that will enable tutors to visit their learners.

This practice is expected to take place at least once in a year. Keilty (2008), cites that there is need to consult and coordinate with families by help of intervention approaches. Through routine operations, the family can foster development of children by encouraging them. The following are four workable strategies that enhance development among children in a family. The first approach is context whereby a teacher visits a family while their routine action are in progress. The coach is expected to give reasons for her visit such as enabling children to acquire new skills.

Child involvement is the second strategy that enables them to be part of routine actions. The purpose of children to participate in activities is to facilitate their growth via aid of caregivers. The third aspect is caregiver engagement that avail themselves to support children in the process of family coaching. The fourth strategy revolves around caregiver confidence and her competency. Their credibility enables them to coach the family appropriately by applying modern strategies.

Family coaching is essential because it enhances connection among families to enhance development among children. The major objective of coaching is to meet the needs of children via the program. It facilitates growth among children in families through self-reflection. Home visiting plans are essential because they enhance safety and also offer information that facilitates their development and health.





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