Effects of Globalization on Indian Culture Essay

Effects of Globalization on Indian Culture

There are various effects of globalization on Indian culture, experienced in different aspects of the people’s daily lives. Although globalization started way back, it has impacted the cultural beliefs and practices of the people of India in different ways. According to many people, globalization has led to the contamination and erosion of the people’s cultural traditions. However, there are also those who think that globalization is a blessing, which has contributed positively to the development of Indian culture.

The Main Effects of Globalization on the Indian Culture

There have been varied opinions on the effects of globalization on Indian culture. Although it might not be easy to measure the exact impact, there are clear indications that can be seen by a majority. This article will discuss the positive and negative impacts of globalization on the culture of the Indians.

Just like in other nations, the Indian culture is characterized by diverse religions, languages, traditions, foods, art, and architecture among other elements. Over the years, the people of India have been believed to be welcoming and accommodating. This is one of the reasons the country has continued to attract visitors from various parts of the world. As a result of the integration of other cultures, especially Western, the Indian culture is no longer what it used to be. In fact, globalization has affected almost every aspect of the people’s culture.

One of the key areas of the Indian culture that has been affected by globalization is the social values of the people. Before the tide of globalization, Indians treated visitors as God, with a lot of warmth. Besides, elders were accorded high respect in society and the people were so attached to their traditional festivals, which were celebrated in pomp and color. Today, it is quite hard to see such huge social gatherings among Indians. The current generation exercises a lot of restraint and mainly interact based on wealth and financial status. A greater part of their social values has been consumed by other cultures and the cheerful display of togetherness is no longer evident in most cases.

In the traditional Indian society, the main religions were Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. The people were not accustomed to religions like Christianity, which is now practiced by many Indians. When British Imperialists came into India, they tried to convince the people that Christianity was the only true religion that all should adopt. Although some Indians have opposed the ideas till today, quite a number of them have abandoned their traditional religions and shifted to Christianity, Islam among others. In fact, the newly converted Indians have not only been able to change their faiths but also a greater part of their cultures. In fact, there is also quite a number of Indians who have totally abandoned the concept of religion.

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Through globalization, Indians have been able to access information through the internet and other means of communication. This information has been instrumental in shaping the lifestyles of the people, based on modes of dressing, food, entertainment among others. Indians have their traditional way of dressing which is recognized globally. However, many people today no longer conform to those modes of dressings. The youth are the ones mostly affected by this since many of them today dress according to the fashion trends dictated by the West. In fact, almost every Educated Indian now believes that something can only be presumed fit if it is approved by a Western authority.

The traditional Indian society held the institution of marriage in very high regards and things like divorce were unheard of. In fact, divorce was considered a taboo in the Indian culture, condemned in all manners possible. However, there are several cases of divorce and separation among married couples in India today.

Conclusion on Effects of Globalization on Indian Culture

Considering the effects of globalization on Indian culture discussed above, it is can be concluded that globalization is a double-edged sword that cuts on both sides. To some extent it is a good move, which has opened avenues for new opportunities for growth and development to the people. On the other hand, globalization has also significantly hurt various elements of the people’s cultural beliefs and practices. However, the effects mainly depend on perceptions and the content or ideas that people consume.

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