Effects of Globalization on Non Western Cultures Essay

Effects of Globalization on Non Western Cultures

Generally, there are different effects of globalization on non-Western cultures considering the liberalization that it has created. The process of globalization has eliminated geographical borders between countries and brought the world into one platform where people can freely exchange goods, services, technology, information, culture and capital. This free movement has impacted the mixing and integration of different cultures from various parts of the world. However, this article will focus on the impacts that globalization has had on non-Western cultures like Asia, Africa, India, Latin America and the Middle East.

The Key Effects of Globalization on non-Western Cultures

According to many advocates of globalization, the process has ensured the Westernization of many cultures across the world. This is quite evident in various spheres of life today. For example, in Africa, China and Latin America many people, especially the youth look up to the West for the latest trends in fashion, shopping among other things. The following are some of the main effects of globalization on non-Western cultures;

Globalization has exposed many non-Western nations to new ideologies and practices, which have significantly impacted their cultural beliefs and practices. For instance, China has been and still prides itself in communist ideals contrary to America’s predominantly capitalist society. Through globalization, many Chinese people are starting to view communism as an inferior ideal to capitalism. As a result of this, there is growing fear that in the near future, the people may revolt against their fundamental ideals in favor of those of the west, which have dominated various aspects of their lives.

In many Western nations, there are various elements of Western culture that have been idolized by the populations as symbols of elevated social status. For instance, you find that a majority of the advertisements in African nations and even parts Asia like China feature Western actors and models. Although many have also developed and feature local content that effectively attract their audience.

The media is one of the key areas where the impacts of globalization have also been extensively showcased. Apart from just advertisements, most films and movies in non-Western nations are based on the concepts used by their counterparts in the West. This is clearly seen in the concept of Hollywood which is showcased in a variety of films across the world today.  However, it should be noted that technology has enabled several film industries across non-Western nations to come up with great local content appealing to a global population.

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Globalization has also led to the introduction of services like cosmetic surgery, which were not acknowledged in many non-Western cultures before. The prominence of cosmetic surgery has grown such that developing countries like China, now ranks among the leading in plastic surgery globally.  Besides, technology is also another key element that has become part of the cultures in many nations today. Through technology, people are able to share ideas, communicate in various forms and get all sorts of information.

As they say, ‘’information is power,’’ the content that people are able to generate from the internet shape cultures in various ways. In many non-Western nations today, the youth strive to dress, talk, act and do several things like Western celebrities and models. In fact, a greater part of the lives of the populations are influenced by the West. Technology has impacted non-Western cultures in different ways, both positively and negatively. Through the internet and information technology, many populations have been able to access education and also employment opportunities.

On the contrary, globalization has also contributed to the increase in a variety of social ills like prostitution, among others that have continued to undermine non-Western cultures. On the other hand, it has also propagated religious opinions and ideals that conflict those of non-Western cultures.

Conclusion on the Effects of Globalization on non-Western Cultures

Considering the effects of globalization on non-Western cultures discussed above, it is clear that Western culture is rapidly taking center stage. Despite the numerous positive and negative impacts, the culture of the West is becoming the norm in many countries today. However, this cultural infiltration is not mainly aimed at undermining non-Western cultures. The changes have also been impacted by other factors other than globalization. Besides, the effects of globalization on cultures also vary from one to another.

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