Engineering: Sample Essay on Engineering career

Engineering career

A project engineer is an anticipated profession that enables people to work in different firms. The individuals involved participate in surveying and extracting gas and oil. These organizations incorporate international firms that are popular. Normally, these companies have licenses and their responsibility is to explore locations with deposits in oil and gas. In addition, such firms are also in charge of manufacturing facilities.

Personally, I have an interest of working as a project engineer in an oil firm. I have the needed skills that apply in this field of engineering which deals with mining of gas and oil. My key responsibility will be to manage and coordinate events that relate to engineering. This will take place in various regions where I can explore and be part of oil production. Additionally, I will also be part of monitoring activities that is done on local or international level.

Collaboration with service providers will facilitate a good relationship with our firm hence boost the standards of our projects. Clearly, this is a sure way of upgrading the quality of our services to meet our standards. To achieve the career that I desire, I will need to focus on short and lasting goals. After assessing the objectives, it will make it easier for me to work effectively as a project engineer. Studying and graduating with a degree in engineering field will be a lasting goal that will guarantee my employment.

It is also essential to be familiar with project management operation to be able to work in an oil industry. To achieve the short term objective, it is necessary for me to have track record skills in engineering. They include having expertise in construction and design in this business. Having appropriate skills in management will determine my success as a project engineer.


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