Engineering: Sample Essay on The Refrigerator

The Refrigerator

Thermodynamics is referred to as the study of temperature and heat in relation to energy. It is further defined as a sub division of science that relates with transmission of heat to different locations. Clearly, thermodynamics is a field that is applied in domestic and industry appliances. The domestic form of applications incorporates air conditioner, water heater, refrigerator and heat pumps. The purpose of this essay is to articulate on the refrigerator.

The domestic responsibility of a refrigerator is to enhance preservation via cooling. This is clear when it enhances durability of perishable goods. It also helps to keep the beverages cold. Through preserving meals that are perishable, the fridge also maintains temperatures that are low. Normally, the degrees exceed freezing points that happen to have bacteria that are destructive. At the point when temperatures are low, the availability of microorganism in the refrigerator aids to break down food substances.

This procedure of decomposing food occurs especially when they cannot survive. This is accomplished via converting electric energy into mechanical drive. This is further accomplished with help of an integral electric motor. To be able to purchase an effective refrigerator, a buyer should consider fundamental aspects. They include power rating which is a factor that determines the rate at which it consumes energy. Later, this will enable the user to minimize the costs that are linked to electricity.

It is also vital to consider storage capacity to ensure that the refrigerator stores plenty of food in an effective manner. The buyer should also consider its size and design to ensure that the fridge does not congest the kitchen. Clearly, the refrigerator is a vital home appliance that embraces thermodynamic principles. It is essential for individuals who intend to own it to consider whether its characteristics fit them.


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