English 101 Paper on Addie’s adventure

Addie’s adventure

Addie found herself stranded and alone on one 4th of July. Earlier that day, Addie and her family had travelled to Washington for the 4th of July celebrations. It was a family tradition to attend the celebrations in Washington but as a new member of the family, this was her first time.  She was as excited as a puppy getting his favorite treat. Well, in truth Addie is a female border collie and she was getting a treat. Only this treat was a special trip, and not a bone shaped cookie. Being part of the celebrations was surreal for Addie who had only watched the celebrations on television before while she was staying at the dog’s shelter. It was all fun and games until the sound of fireworks and peoples’ excited screams filled the air. Scared by the sound, Addie fled for safety and got lost. According to reports, Independence Day celebrations are a risky affair for pets who are easily scared by the sound of fireworks.

Addie’s yellow Donald Duck bed would be unoccupied that evening. There was a chance that her owners- the Smiths were not looking for her. Research shows that a significant percentage of stray dogs in shelters do not have someone looking for them.  A fun trip ended up being a nightmare to the stranded dog. As the curtain of the night fell Addie decided to take refuge in a dumpster that smelled like a place where whales go to die.

Addie’s adventure began the following morning as she began her journey back to her owners. Research shows that dogs can track back their trails as far as 11 miles using scents. Even in the new city of Washington, Addie could still find directions.-it’s a shame we cannot ask dogs for directions. Addie followed her scent through several streets and buildings, and residential areas until she came across a black male German shepherd. The German shepherd was a stray dog who knew the streets of Washington like the back of his hand. Not one to let an adventure pass her, Addie followed the German shepherd through the streets. A few chases and runs later, the German shepherd stopped at dumpster behind a restaurant in search for food. Addie who had fallen to the trap door of hunger hogged the stale leftovers, and when she was done, she waged her tail in gratitude. Realizing she was off her trail, Addie bid good bye to her new friend and went back to tracking her steps.

Following the German shepherd left Addie disoriented and off her tracking game. It was already dark by the time Addie returned to the point where she had met the German shepherd. Looking around, Addie decided to join a homeless person who had spread a mat in front of a closed shop. The man must have been sleeping when Addie got there because when he turned and saw Addie he showed genuine surprise before shouting and chasing Addie across the road. With nowhere to sleep, Addie roamed the streets in search of a warm place to sleep. She could not imagine sleeping in a dumpster again. It was in her search for shelter that Addie found a carton box and before she could thank her lucky stars, she heard soft murmurs coming from inside the box. There lay a little pink baby covered in fleece blanket. She must have sensed that ‘someone’ was there because she stirred from her slumber and started wailing like the sirens of an ambulance. Her cries were a blessing in disguise because they attracted the attention of two men passing by who called 911.

After the police rescue, Addie was placed in an animal shelter. The Smiths had embedded a microchip in Addie incase she was ever lost. A microchip is a small device the size of a grain of rice that is used to track the whereabouts of a pet. Using the microchip, the Smiths were able to find Addie in the animal shelter she had been placed in. They were met with legendary tales of how Addie had saved the abandoned baby. The irony of it was; it was the baby who had saved Addie because her loud wails had attracted help.

Literally Elements

In this story, I have used three literally elements which include: similes, metaphors and static character. Addie the dog is a static character in the novel because she does not change through out the story. She faces challenges of being separated with her owners and being stranded but she does not change to become feral. I have used similes on two occasions to further explain a situation. For example ‘a puppy getting his favorite treat’ sparks an interesting understanding of Addie’s excitement in the reader’s mind. On the other hand, ‘smelled like a place where whales go to die’ creates a vivid imagination of the dumpster’s awful smell. I used ‘Wailing like the sirens of an ambulance’ to demonstrate the baby’s loud cry. The metaphor ‘fallen to the trap door of hunger’ provides clarity of the situation Addie was in while stranded.