English 101 Paper on an Engineering Career

An Engineering Career

Before undertaking a career choice, it is important to discuss with friends to know much about the subject. It is good to read newspapers, business journals, and career journals to understand the emerging issues in the area you want to specialize. One should seek advice from genuine friends, lecturers and those who have been in the profession (Shanaham & William 12). Before selecting a career, you need to research on the general trends in the country. To know more about the economy and the most growing sector.

The engineering course varies with different types of disciplines. As an engineer one is supposed to design, construct and maintain structures as per the required universal standards (William et al). In most countries, any engineering course takes five years for a bachelor degree and three years of a diploma. Once a person completes the bachelor’s degree, the regulatory body may require him to undergo two years in the practical field before getting a practicing license. Upon getting the practicing certificate one become a professional engineer who is competent to use his elementary education in applying scientific methods to analyse and solve engineering related problems. This assignment will help me focus on which engineering course I should undertake. Through my analysis, most countries both developed and developing ones are in great demand for structures. These structures need civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. I prefer being an electrical engineer.

As an electrical engineer, I will be able to explore many parts of my country. Most companies in Saudi Arabia will hire me for my flesh knowledge. Just like electronics engineering, electrical engineering is rewarding and challenging hence in line with my professional goal. If I graduate with a good grade, I am likely to get a job with Saudi electric company which has a global reputation due to its market leadership in energy production. The company is flexible to adapting new technologies immediately they hit the market. As a result, this will continually increase my technical skills and knowledge if given the opportunity. The company offers internship programs which I will work hard to secure. If hired by the corporation, I will choose GIS and electronic systems as they fall within my area of specialization. Since Saudi electric company has an excellent system of rewarding the efforts of its employees, I will be a committed employee of the company to secure an award that will add more value to my career prospects in the long run.

As an electrical engineer, I will have significant job opportunities at other foreign companies in China. This is the second largest country in the world by land area. It has the biggest population which is 21% of the total world population. The economy has been growing fast, and many engineering projects are being launched on a daily basis. There are good remuneration standards for qualified engineers. If given a job in China, I will try to establish a good personal relationship with people as it matters a lot than the job title. I will have to work as per the stipulated guidelines of the Communist party. Learning the Chinese language will make it easy for me to interact with the locals. To foster good working relationship, I will avoid speaking about politics.

The group discussion has helped me choose the best engineering course. Everybody has been able to give me an opinion regarding my career selection. We have been able to discuss the reality in the modern market. What I liked about the assignment is the good summary it gives towards an electrical engineering company. The problem is that the assignment only discussed electrical engineering instead of focussing on the general design topic. It gave a case study of two countries which is a small sample. I would recommend that the subject is expanded to discuss other areas of engineering. The study should focus on the global engineering market players and not a particular company.



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