English Essay Summary on Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Olympism is a state that renders the mind and the body to have balanced qualities. Events in Olympics incorporate cultures, sports and education. It is an activity that takes place after every four years. This sport activity is inclusive of approximately 200 states with ten thousand participants. The Olympic Games has attracted plenty of audience when millions of individuals watch it on television.

Conversely, other funs choose to follow the proceedings on the radio. Historically, this is a game that began 3000 years ago in Ancient Greece. It is a festival that attracted the attention of people in various section of the world. The Olympia was depicted to the greatest and was held in Elis. Furthermore, this competition incorporated a single race in 200 yards whose length was equivalent to that of the stadium. In 776 BC, games such as boxing became introduced. Olympic sports reached its peak in the 5th century BC (Hunter, 2012, p. 6). 

During this period, individuals were more attracted to specialism and records. The games focused more on talents which became adopted in a fast manner. The international Olympic team contributed a lot when it assisted in choosing countries that would host the sports. By 20th century, the game of Olympics had improved in huge proportions. Initially, the accommodations for participants were hotels and local schools. However, this trend was upgraded to Olympic village which was made part of the city.

Currently, the Olympic Games have facilitated politics, business and advertisements. In future, planners and organizing teams will have to embrace technology to meet their modern demands. Evidently, Olympic sports have the expectation to increase the number of corporate and participants. If this trend continues, the activity may lose its taste especially when it fails to appreciate the top athletes.



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