English essays About My Life

English essays About My Life

There are critical events that have occurred in my life since I was born. There have been good things and bad things. I have met so many people in my life that have had a large influence in the things I have aspired to do. I have also traversed different countries in the pursuit of a better life. In my whole life, different experiences have shaped my dreams and ensured that I remain focused on the most important goals even when I have travelled to another country. One of the major aspects that have defined my life is the family. My family has consistently played a huge role in shaping my values, attitudes, beliefs, and personality. My family has also provided a positive and enabling environment for my growth and development. The second major aspect of my life has been education. Education has played a major role in providing a direction to a fruitful future. It has pushed me to greater heights and helped me to explore and meet new people who have given me new insights. In my lifetime, I have also had my accomplishments as well as failures. There things that I have achieved so far that I feel proud of and there are some that I need to improve to be a better person. This is just a recap of what my life has been and much more that is coming in the future. This paper will review the key aspects of my life that have been discussed here and more.

Background Information

I am now 21 years old. I was born in Saudi Arabia to a pair of very hardworking parents. My parents have been very supportive of my growth and development as they have worked hard to raise my siblings and me. As I grew up, I had a chance to engage with my extended family. This was a refreshing part because I learned a lot about my culture, the way things are operated, and the way to behave. My father was a strict man who preferred us to stick to rules and obey our elders. My parents began early to show us which way to follow in terms of religion and what steps to take in life to succeed. It is also important to note that my parents are skilled farmers because they have always lived in the village where there is an environment that supports agricultural practices. Specifically, animal-rearing has taken root back in my village where practically everyone owns at least a camel. Well, that is my background that has a rich source in family and daily routines. However, I have matured to take big steps in my life for my education has extended to higher learning where I have been able to pursue two courses. As for my social life, I have married an adorable wife, and we have a beautiful daughter together. The ideals of the family and the community have been taught well in my life as it will be shown in subsequent themes.

My Family

My family is at the centre of my entire life. It is what I look up to in everything that I plan to because I have been taught that there is nothing as important as the family. In my entire life, my family has walked with me step by step. However, I had to leave my family in the January of 2014 when I decided to pursue higher education. This was an emotional part of my life as I left the people I loved most. Despite me being away, I still visit them every year during the Christmas vacation for a wonderful time when we get to celebrate, eat, and travel to different places together. I also have an extended family that rears about 200 camels. Some of them are rearing the camels while others are not involved in the daily operations. Despite this large herd of camels, my family still finds time to get together some during the year to celebrate together. This is usually a god time for everyone who has to contribute to the pleasure of the family.

The most tasking time within my family is during the spring season when camels have to be taken to the desert for various reasons. Some of these reasons are for commercial purposes while some are done to follow the rains. As the rains turn to the east, my family is forced to arrange how to take the camels about 50 miles away and back to find rich sources of pasture. This period lasts until the summer season when they are returned in time to find the grass having grown at this other side.

In my entire life history, my family has been residing in a small city where my father doubles up as a mayor and a key leader of the tribe in the Arabian Island. My family is made up of leaders, and this is something that can be seen in the way we handle certain aspects of leadership. I should also state that my uncle is the Sheikh of our tribe which is known as Almurrah. This is a key position in our land because it gives him a view of the public policies and a chance to influence things for the welfare of the society.

My Interests

Whenever I speak about my interests, I have to mention that I have a special place for my family. I would describe myself as a focused, respectable, and determined person who has an aim to be successful in life. Most of the times, I am pursuing a certain objective that is in my interest. However, my goals in life are to ensure that I put up a big house for my family where they can live peacefully. I also aspire to have a huge car, probably Mercedes Benz or Range Rover. This has always been a dream I have had since was a little child. I would be very excited to achieve it during my lifetime. Eventually, I intend to have a big family that I can support to their greatest levels of achievement. This will be a great source of happiness for me and my family because I have also dreamt about it in the past. However, at this time I need to focus on completing my studies and graduating from the university. This s my short term focus that should come to fruition very soon.

So far, I have managed to attain skills in speaking the English language in addition to the Arabic. I am also highly skilled to work as a mayor because I have learned several skills from my father. This has been a great opportunity for me to exercise what I have learned over the years in school for my leadership skills. I remember those days that my father would take his time off his busy schedule to teach me some office skills. This was an interesting time because I used to joke with him that soon I will take his job away from him if he continued to teach me how to do it. In laughter, he would tell me that he would sue me in the highest court of the land. This was one of the moments that my father would tell me that he was proud of my talents and skills in learning and leadership. He has continued to support me along the way.


Before embarking on listing my accomplishments so far, it is important to state that ever since I was young, I have had big dreams. I have always been a confident and ambitious person with a mindset to conquer the world. When I was young, I would admire those career professionals who would stroll around my community with files in their hands while driving big cars. I would also admire those people who would talk in fluent English aside from the local Arabic languages that I was used to. I remember when I went to school as a young child, our teacher would ask us to write and describe what we would like to be when we grew up. This instance makes me laugh because I remember I used to wish to become a pilot, a surgeon, and a military man at some points of my childhood. The reason why I laugh is because I admire my self-belief at that time. It shows the level of thinking that I had grown up to adopt steadily. It also helped that my parents were outgoing enough to tell us stories about a brighter future for the family. This was something that stimulated my thinking and vision right from the beginning as a little child.

Having said this, it is imperative that I start with my education. My lower level of education was in the village where we would go to the nearest school together with my neighbors and friends. It is while here that my teachers encouraged us to read and focus more on our studies to have a brighter future than our parents. I remember one teacher always told us that we have a responsibility to better what our parents had achieved. Therefore, from a young age, I knew that I would pursue education to greater heights. Furthermore, it would open up more opportunities for me. My first accomplishment in the education level was me completing my primary school and passing very well. I remember I was among the top students who managed to score the highest marks in my district and be admitted to a big school that was the source of admiration for most of the students and parents alike. My parents could not hide their joy after I was passed fit to join a performing high school.

My second level of accomplishment still in the education level was my swift learning capability in high school. During my time in high school, I managed to perform at the highest level. It was during my second year that I realized that I had a passion for Physics. Specifically, I learned that I was more interested in electrical and electronics aspects. This is an area that elicited a lot of attention from my efforts and mind. I remember that I even managed to set up a successful project in my third year for the science project that garnered the top position in the school-based competition. The school director honoured the project and awarded me a certificate to remind me of my efforts. This was a moment that I have never forgotten throughout my life. It pushed be to explore more heights in education.

The third accomplishment that I remember during my school time was also passing in my final exams and doing exemplary well in Physics and Languages. I must say that it is the support from my parents and my teachers that pushed me to explore education with renewed vigor up to today. Passing in my high school has opened up more opportunities for me in life. It has given me a stronger mind to tackle different aspects of life. I can confidently state that passing in my final government-based examinations in high school was critical in propelling my career. This was a huge accomplishment.

The third level of accomplishment at the moment has been my pursuit of higher learning. Higher education has helped to traverse big cities and meet new people. It has also helped to discover my purpose in life. This has been one of the key strengths in my life because it has defined my identity, professional life, and class. Most importantly, I have been able to pursue Electronic Engineering at the highest level. I believe that this a childhood dream that has come true because I always dreamed of doing something substantial that would elevate my career. I have also had an achievement in that I have managed to pursue the English Language program at the university. This is a major positive in my life because I know it will open up more opportunities for me as I grow into the future. Finding myself learning courses that I dreamed of in university has been so far, the highest accomplishment. Even making to graduate in the fall of 2015 was a big moment in my life because it was a crowning of my life. It was also an achievement in itself because it is so easy to fall along the way when you get to the university without a clear vision. I thank my peers, parents, and tutors for helping me achieve my highest education level. I know that the skills that I continue getting while in school will help me achieve more in life.

Apart from education accomplishments, I think that I ought to look back and note that I have managed to assist my father in his errands. As mentioned earlier, my father is a big farmer; he is also a mayor in our small city and a key leader in the tribe. Within the Arabian Island, he is a recognized person who influences several aspects of the public people. Therefore, I have grown up being surrounded by his duties and responsibilities at work. I have come to learn certain things he does as a mayor, as a farmer, and as a leader. I pride myself for assisting him in his work when he away on a trip in the past three years. His work is demanding, and I even feel more proud that he was confident that I could operate his job while he was away with the level of skills that he had imparted to me. This is a great achievement that I have come to appreciate in my life.

As I was growing up, my parents taught me to help people and especially those who are older than I am. This is something that I prided myself in doing. My other accomplishment as I grew up was having to drive my grandfather around his farm, to town, and to other places that he wanted to go. This was a big achievement for me because I am the eldest in my family. In my culture, once you begin driving your grandfather around, it is seen as a huge responsibility because you get to interact with him on a daily basis. It also shows that the family recognizes you as a senior and responsible person who has come to maturity. I, therefore, was able to help my grandfather drive around until he passed on. I feel this was a huge achievement as a future leader of the family.

Despite the above achievements, I still know there are more things I could do to make my life even better. I know that I have come to the point in my life where I have to evaluate what I need to improve. I need to go out more and become a little social. It seems I have focused more on my school life and I have forgotten that a little play is not as bad. It is, in fact, healthy for me and my family that I set out to relax sometimes from the real hustles of life. I also plan on searching for a company that will provide a worthy internship where I can sharpen my skills and face the future with confidence. I plan on using this platform to gain more experience in electrical engineering in the field and acquire more skills to attain my dream. So far, this journey has been good, and I am keen for it to continue unravelling as it is doing at the moment. Even as I move on, I will continue getting my inspiration in my aspiration to work for a multinational gas company.

Final Thoughts

As a person who has come a long way in the education sector, I realize that my family continues to play a major role in shaping who I am. It is my family that has catered for my education and other things in life. Throughout my life, I have come to appreciate the role that my father has played in seeing that I follow the right path. I am the eldest, and this is usually a big responsibility for anyone. Most of the things that I need to focus on from now include my education and family. I need to give back a lot to my family for having been part of my journey since I was a little child. I hope that one day I am able to take over the leadership mantle from my father and maybe become a mayor. If this is not possible, I hope to become a successful electrical engineer who can influence more people and inspire them.