English Paper on Future Communication

English Paper on Future Communication

Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas between two individuals and parties. It is, however, revolving as time goes by due to the inventions and technology. The changes which take place in the communication impacts on the future and bring about several ideological and practical changes. The future communication will be diverse and leads to the abolishment of the traditional ideas and forms of communication.

The new technology is, however, impacting on the social media platforms where it will be easier to contact some audiences. The communication will, however, be enhanced by the increased number of social media platforms such as Facebook, what Sapp, Twitter, and Instagram. It determines the future communication to grow and spread in most of the parts of the world. The changes in communication and technology, however, change how people behave. It has however revolutionized the library operations and effectively as most of the books can be accessed online. In future, there might be a decline of the offline libraries because of the existence of technological reforms of accessing and reading books online. People will not have to go to the library to get access to any book.

The future communication will also be affected in future as the number of TVs, web pages and radio stations in America are increasing steadily. It will ensure that most of the people are connected and can get news from all parts of the country. The offline sources of communication will decrease such as newspapers will not be much effective because of the impact of technology. Most of the news are always accessed and read online.

The advertisement platforms which are used will also change to digital forms which will be much more efficient. Initially, advertisements are done through newspapers, radio stations, and televisions. In the future, it will revolve to use of phones and laptops to see or to make advertisements more so on the social media platforms where it can reach a broad range of audiences. An excellent platform for advertisement is the Facebook where the announcement can be accessed by anyone in the world who owns a Facebook account. The digital advertising will be much cheaper compared to the traditional advertising.

The cost of movie and song downloads are also minimal or not there at all. In the previous year, 95 % of the songs downloaded were not paid for. Communication will also increase because of the rate at which people more so the teens send are increasing. Statistically, the rate at which the teens communicate is very high and growing steadily

The usage of mobile phones has also increased since 93% of adults in America use mobile phones. The mobile manufacturing companies also increase in their productions and operations due to the high demand of the communication gadgets (Practice Affiliate n.p).

Communication will also have an impact on the elections and campaigns of the presidential candidates. They use social platforms to air their views and campaign online. One must not visit every place to conduct his/ her campaign but can use the social media to reach the large audience at once. Breaking news also reaches many people through the social networks such as twitter and Facebook where one can know the trending issues in the world at any time.

In conclusion, the mobile devices will be the world’s primary connection to the internet in 2020 because most of the people will own mobile phones which can access the internet at any time. The future communication will be more revolutionized and reformed to cheaper, quick and easy forms.





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