English Paper on The Diana chronicles

English Paper on The Diana chronicles

  1. Contradictory images of Diana

Diana is said to be clotheshorse yet well preserved. She is said to have remarried and expecting to be a mother of a baby boy referred as a king. It is contradicting she is active and fashionable despite being preserved. Diana is a superstar yet clay feet implying that she was stupid, despite the weaknesses she was the princess of the people. (Bradford, Sarah)  It is contradicting that she identified herself as thick as a plank yet the people around her said she was a great joker and crazy thus referred to as mad as the hatter.

  1. How person’s experience might influence the sympathetic view of Diana

Despite Diana coming from a poor background with a lot of flaws on her, she managed to be a runway superstar.  According to the society a kindergarten assistant, a cleaner and a nanny were viewed as not worthy to be a princess. Her achievement pushed the royal family to show some humanity towards her since she qualified to be a virgin that was made the wife of Prince Charles. The person’s experience can give rise of views of sympathy, there was a lot of sympathy towards her because of her history before she became a runway superstar when. (Snell, Kate)Diana was human but she could not be grieved since the society believed she was not worthy of being in the royal family since she was only a nanny, a joker and she identified herself as thick. Experience with the public figures is another thing that brought sympathy to Diana, Her hope of having a happy family did not end as she expected, when she attempted suicide and later got a divorce from prince Charles this raised a lot of sympathy towards her for she was going to be lonely thus a lot of sympathy towards her experience.



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