English Reflection Paper on a Week in Practicum

Monday was a hard morning not only because I got used to having a sufficient amount of time to write my lessons and complete my assignments but also because I had time to think about my myself and do things that I like. However, now that one week has gone by since March break, I have adapted quickly and it did feel good to be back in class and start the routine again. Monday was a slow day at school because we spent most of the time getting back to the students about their assignments. On Tuesday, I presented my second LES that focused on the creation of a budget for a stadium or a shopping mall. The project is interdisciplinary in Mathematics, English, and Art. It offers new insights on the use of Mathematics and Art in budget creation and construction (Sriraman and Freiman 283)So far, the students really like it. They also seem very motivated to complete it.

Moreover, starting next week I will have about two to three days whereby I will have full control of the class. On those specific days, my associate teachers will stay in the staffroom and allow me to teach without their direct assistance. While I would have been grateful to get such as opportunity earlier, I am really looking forward to those moments because I will have 100% workload. I am eagerly waiting to see how the students will react and behave during the lessons. They have been cooperative during our previous interactions. As such, I do not expect them to misbehave or give me a hard time during the lessons. Only four more weeks to go!

Work Cited

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