English research Paper on Victorian Literature

English research Paper on Victorian Literature


Language is an important part of any society. ENGL 364 is an academic approach that familiarizes leaner with various important components and language use, further it incorporates different approaches in the analysis and investigation to this communication media. It is important to study this part of academic engagement since it equips leaners with the necessary skills used in the promotion of effective and good communication, both oral and written.Willy Blackwell is an online library that is composed of numerous books and journal. It has wide coverage ranging from academic, political to research. Among the many academic and research books and journals in this massive library is Victorian Literature: Anthology. Victor Shea and William Whitla edited this one thousand and eight-page book in 2004.This book contains knowledge and ideologies about the Victorian society, their culture, way of life and their beliefs and practices. Further, it incorporate issues of gender, the working class and emerging issue in the Victorian society example gay and lesbianism. Moreover, the book is a collecting of the works of many authors’ of different writing skills and diverseideologies; poems,drama, and prose are also evident in the book. This paper seek to explain the importance of studying ENGL 364, further it seeks to use the content of the book Victorian Literature: Anthology to narrate the importance of ENGL 364. This paper also seeks to analyze the book and therefore persuade an audience to read this particular book

Analysis of Victorian Literature: Anthology

This book is important in the investigation and understanding of the culture and milestones that have been achieved in the Victorian society. The book speaks about the journey Victorian people have travelled thought the different ages and what the future holds. This book is necessary for anybody with interest in the origin, culture, and growth of the Victorian society. In the book, it narrates and promotes the diversely varied view of the ideologies and cultural practices of this society.This book further contain writings from great author including Ruskin, Arnold Elion and Carlyle who have great experience in writing of poems, journal, research and academic papers. The presence of these great authors increases the reliability of the book and increases its wealth of knowledge. To this end, this piece of work is a must read test and contains in-depth knowledge in the various fields regarding the Victorian society.

Due to the passing and changing of time the book narrates the transformation of the Victorian society from a naïve, uncivilized community to a modern competitive society that has earned recognition nationally and beyond. It provides chronological turn out of events that have generally evolved and changed therefore creating a modern society, with more complex systems and processes. At the beginning, it discusses issues of and condition of England, later in brings out the process of colonialism and finally the transformed independent society. In the book, the author narrates the ordeal that the society has to go through and the sacrifice the community made in order to achieve the kind of society that currently in place. The society was sparselypopulated and composed majorly of the same groupof people therefore indicating a universal culture and practice (Stedman 77). However, this has changed significantly with the current composition of people from different origin and different background, the society therefore has embraced different cultures and harmonized the various community changes taking place (Bennett 23).

Education, both formal and informal help to achieve a certain goal, initially education was of informal nature but due to the changing time, education has undergone massive transformation. In the book, the authors narrate the process of education transformation and the importance of the education to the society and the various challenges that face education at each stage. Literary which is a factor of education is also tackled, the book outlines that the level of literacy and its associated impacts are have been on the rise since the start of industrial revolution (Stedman 45). The book also attributes mass media and print media are the two major factors that helped in the spread and promotion of mass education and mass literacy (Bennett 33). This book clearly narrates the integration of education and the growth of the society.

Industrialization was very instrumental in the designing of the current Victorian society and the future expectation of the society, the onset of industrial revolution is the onset of the transformation of the community. Industrial revolution is responsible for the development of infrastructure and long-term investment in the construction sector; this changed the way of living of the people. Further, it changedthe settlement pattern and the composition of the community. It was at this era that migration was dominant therefore changing the community to a cosmopolitan society. In the book, the authors narrate the various stages of industrial revolution and the impacts to the Victorian society. However, disputed the many positive impacts generated by industrialization, various negative impacts also exist.The greatest destructive effect of industrialization is pollution; this factor is undermining the quality of life in the community (Trilling & Harold 48). Clearing of existing forest to create room for industries and settlement is the major cause of pollution and the deterioration of the environment. Clearing of vegetation reduces the carbon bank; further emission of greenhouse gasses from industries and motor vehicles has contributed to pollution. Moreover, both surface and underground water systems have been affected and therefore the quality flora and fauna life has been compromised, human being included. Industrialization is the major cause of immigration since people from different places moved to Victoria in search for jobs and opportunities, this diluted the initial culture of the native inhabitants this gave rise to a more compromised and all-inclusive culture (Stearns 7). On the other hand, due to the jobs created by industrial revolution, a new class of people was formed; this is the working class. This group of people became an important part of the society and their voices were heard in every decision and process-taking place in Victoria. To this end, this class of people dictated the economy due to their saving capabilities and investment capacities (Stearns 11).

The book tackles issues on gender, sexuality and other emerging issues in the Victorian society. The book explains issues of gender equality and the role played by women in the modern and old time Victorian society. Writers from both genders have contributed to the works of this book therefore giving the different views and opinion about the subject matter of gender. Lesbianism and gay culture that is an emerging issue in the society is also covered. The book advocates for a just society in which basic human right is protected including the rights and needs of the gay, lesbians, and other marginalized cultures (Trilling & Harold 29).

Analysis of Victorian Literature: Anthology and its application to ENGL 364

The book is a practical experience of the various theory works, further; it covers most of the content of the course as a practical example of what is being taughtthroughout the course. This course is of great importance to people who have the desire to venture into literature and linguistic field. Further, it also enables ease understanding of concepts that are necessary in the linguistic and literature fields.

The use of poems in the book required adequate knowledge to enable interpretation and understanding of the information contained in the book. This is a piece of knowledge that has been covered in the course work. This makes ENGL 364 an important and integral part of the field of knowledge. Knowledge of poems ranges from the composing of poem, analyzing to the interpretation of the poems. Poems unlike other journals and writings have a unique way of expressing ideas; this part of art is important and very effective in transmitting of information with a hidden meaning. Understanding of the poems, the types, structure, stylistic devices used in writing and the interpretation of the hidden meaning is important in analyzing the relevance of the information. The course provides an in-depth explanation of poetry; its composition, stylistic devices used in its composition, and its interpretation. The course also provides and explanation on the procedure of interpreting the key words in the poem. Furthermore, after the study of the course it becomes easy to analyze the intended audience to the poems and the voice behind the poem, this is of great importance in determining the context to use the poem and its relevance to a particular group of people.


The book Analysis of Victorian Literature: Anthology contains wide field of knowledge that is important to every person who is interested in the culture and evolution of various communities. The book covers topics ranging from origin, evolution, education, and transformation of the Victorian society. This case study forms a benchmark to people requiring to do research or study about other communities. Various literature and linguistic styles and features have been used in the book. To fully and easily understand these features and not alter the intended information, EGL 364 is an important course unit since it covers the various language and literature work.


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