Environmental studies and Forestry: Sample Essay on Recycling


Recycling is a vital process that enables individuals to save the expenses of buying new products by reusing the initial ones. A good example is clear when firms reuse beverages bottles by washing them well. This procedure is vital because it aids to reduce air pollution hence makes the environment friendly.

Indian state university has adopted a project that gives education on ways to recycle products. This step led to a positive outcome in society when it supported the activity to recycle the materials. To reduce costs in waste materials, the University decomposes organic material in landfills to enhance a fresh atmosphere. Later, the landfill turns out to be fertile and is used as a plantation garden. The recycling procedure also incorporates various elements. The purpose of these components is to serve as agents that eradicate wasteful materials.

For instance, materials that are recycled include cream dishes and plastic bottles. It is a method that requires a proper plan of collecting waste from a general location. In the drop off system, the recyclable products are taken to a central place. This gives recyclers an ample time to choose the recyclable from the non recyclable products. In situations that concern sewage, recyclers treat it to reduce harmful contaminants (Ditze 38).  In addition, they also treat water to kill the available microorganism.

Procedures that apply include filtration to reduce waterborne outbreaks that include cholera. Pre chlorination is essential in treating water for consumption. This is beneficial because it prevents the multiplication of algae by killing the present bacteria in the contaminated water. In general, the process of recycling is vital to clients because it aids in saving their expenses to purchase new materials. This calls for the government to intervene and support recycling process to reduce pollution in the environment.


Work cited

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