Environmental studies and Forestry: Term Paper on Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

There are aspects that have enhanced growth of optional energy. They include security, global warming and safe kind of energy. Alternative form of energy is categorized into two sections namely petroleum liquids and energy.  It is produced from electric technology. Oil is an example of petroleum liquids while energy from power technology is solar and fuel.

In the past ten years, alternative energy incurred progress. Evidently, traditional fuels have diverse monetary expenses in contrast to carbon foot prints. Clearly, alternative energy embraces technology to facilitate its viability. In this regard, money is essential to utilize different kinds of resources (David, 2010). In essence, alternative energy is perceived to be oil, gas and coal. Since past years, global warming has become rampant across the globe.

This matter is accredited to gas that is released from the green house to the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide is an example of greenhouse gases. These gases are harmful because they affect the health of human beings. As a result, this condition contributes to diseases. In this regard, it is necessary for researchers to formulate an alternative form of energy that is not dangerous to human life. Renewable form of energy is always clean because it requires refilling its energy. Researchers have come up with new technologies to ensure that they reduce air pollution.

In this regard, there has been increase in production of alternative energy that is safe and clean. A nation needs sufficient funds to access modern technologies. This implies that researchers should increase feasibility to facilitate production and use of energy. There is need for nations to embrace alternative forms of energy without disrupting its infrastructure. The society should also make use of energy on large scale to facilitate its growth. It is advisable to store alternative form of energy with aid of technologies to enhance high energy density.


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