Essay Assignment on ABC Marketing Plan

ABC Marketing Plan
1. Excutive Summary
Mission Statement: to provide customer with an upscale selection of women’s shoes and outstanding customer service. We exist to attract and maintain customers.
Values Statement: Our store will maintain our commitment on both customer care and good shopping value. Moreover, providing the goods and services that best suit the needs of customer
Marketing Objectives
•Increase repeat customers by 7% per quarter.
•Decrease customer acquisition costs by 8% per year.
•Build an effective pull campaign, bringing in new customers at an increased rate of 9% per quarter.
Financial Objectives
•Experience a double-digit growth rate for the first three years.
•Reduce store overhead by 5% each year.
•Reach profitability by the end of year two.
2. Target Market
2.1 Market Demographics
● The immediate geographic target is the city of Aurora with a population of 366,623 and Denver metro area in general
● Target market: women and kids age range 5 to 40

2.2 Market Needs
● Selection: the widest selection of fashionable shoes in the Aurora area
● Accessibility: central location and wide range of business hours design to accommodate all customer’s needs
● Competitive pricing: all products will be priced competitive to the Aurora/Colorado market
2.3 Market trends
Seasonal trends – different kinds of shoes sold in different seasons. For example, in the winter, boots and closed toed shoes are sold. In the spring and summer, sandals and flip flops and heels are sold. Market trends are based on consumer demands. For example, different designs are popular over others during certain times of the year.
2.4 SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT analysis captured the key strengths and weakness within the company, and describes the opportunity and threats facing ABC shoes store
● Highly experienced owner
● strong relationship with distributors
● High gross margins
● Lack of marketing expertise
● Competitors can offer similar product quickly
● Forecasting fashion is difficult but necessary to profitability
● E-commerce
● Ability to develop additional stores
● Rapid growth of e-commerce
● Reduced trade barrier
● Products are already sold by major competitors
2.5 . Compotation:

Product Offering
Passion Soles sells upscale women’s shoes. The general categories of shoes that will be sold are:
•Stylish work shoes.
•Dress shoes.
•Canvas athletic/stylish shoes.
Key to Success
● Variety of selection
● Fashionable design
● Fast delivery