Essay Assignment on Code of Ethics in Business

Paragraph 1 – Locate the Code of Ethics for your major or field of interest and provide the link and citation. In a full paragraph provide a brief summary of the code. Use your own words.

Helpful Hint – If you ever have trouble with research you should go to the campus library Writing Commons where they are more than happy to help with research, writing, etc.. For those who cannot make it to campus please use the Ask-A-Librarian link in the Begin Here Module
Paragraph 2 – In a full paragraph, discuss the code level at which you believe your code of ethics was written. Support your answer by citing the Code of Ethics Chapter. You must cite to the text properly, including the page number.

Paragraph 3 – Reflect. Discuss the code of ethics you summarized. How would you improve the code? After reading the Code of Ethics Chapter, is the code thorough and complete? Why or why not? What, if anything, is ambiguous? This should be a full paragraph.

Reminder – A college level paragraph should be at least 5 – 7 sentences. The word count should be a minimum of 300 words. Include your word count.