Essay Assignment on Differentiation Strategy

Differentiation strategy
Identify a firm that exemplifies this strategy and explain why you consider it to be a differentiator (See chapter 5 and associated slides for details). Once you have picked a firm, please answer the following questions:

1. What is the mission statement and/or vision statement of this firm? Is this firm targeting specific strategic goals?

2. What is the firm’s corporate structure? Draw out the corporate structure, you are free to this use pen and paper, take a photo of it and post the file, or you may use MS Word or MS Powerpoint and design the structure using the chart tool (this will let you connect boxes with lines and then type within each box). See details of possible designs in Chapter 10 and in diagram on p. 2 of this assignment.

3. Using the various examples of structures in the textbook (Chapter 10, also next page of this assignment), describe which structure your firm matches, and how it matches. Is it an exact match or are there small differences? If there are differences, describe them.

4. Finally, do you believe that this firm is structured appropriately considering its current and future strategic goals?

Keep your answer to 4 pages maximum, all inclusive.

DO NOT use the following companies: fresh direct, grameen bank, nokia, QVC, nintendo, emirates airline, boston beer company, ebay, tata starbucks, Johnson &
Johnson or Zynga