Essay Sample on Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness is a cognitive procedure that fosters an individual to avoid a feeling of revenge whenever someone has offended him. Conversely, reconciliation refers to a behavioral aspect that drives people to take essential measures to rejuvenate a relationship due to forgiveness.

Based on these facts, it is clear that for one to forgive, he encounters traumatic disagreement later. Clearly, the purpose to forgive is to help and encourage us and improve our relationship with others. It is not healthy when a person chooses to hold onto revenge. Furthermore, individuals who blame other people such as friends only mean that they allow them to have control over others (Americancatholic.Org, 2013, p.1).  Anger and bitterness also attribute to lack of forgiveness, which is not recommended because through forgiveness, we get to heal our problems.

In my opinion, reconciliation and forgiveness are vital facets that bring a solution to any disagreement. For instance, a person may be part of a reconciliation process when his objective is to restore friendship or create a new relationship. Forgiveness apply in cases where couple divorce, of which it plays a role of reuniting them to take care of their children. In this regard, people must learn how to handle conflicts to pave way for progress. This is because conflict is a factor that creates instability in most relationships causing them to fall apart.

This implies that people who are not willing to forgive each other are bound to fail in their relationships. Resolution is a vital aspect of any relationship whether the parties are facing a small or huge conflict. This is vital to avoid cases whereby individuals become stressful in their relationships. The negative effects of stress is that it subjects women to become old fast hence it should be avoided.



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