Essay Sample on Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia Butterfly Hill

“Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill” is an item that is drafted by Stephen Browning concerning a girl whom he calls Julia Hill. In this narration, Hill is an environmental activist with a passion for safeguarding the environment. Unfortunately, the girl had an accident when she attained 22 years.  Despite the accident, Hill did not give up on her focus to aid the society.

Her mission was to assist the Ecuadorians to hinder the oil firm from cutting trees down. In addition, her desires grew when she wrote articles on the urge to conserve and safeguard the surrounding. Evaluating Browning’s article, my perspective is that Hill is doing well to protect the surrounding. However, I do not approve her actions and motives, but I envy her courage and tolerance to stay in a Red wood tree that was 180-foot-tall.

In my opinion, she was exposing herself to danger because there are safer tactics to mobilize individuals to save trees. In this case, she could encourage people to seek aid from the government. I also do not support what she did in Ecuador when they camped outside the oil firm offices. That was too extreme; instead, she should have chosen a legitimate manner of dealing with the issue. The best way was to allow the oil firm to dialogue with the government in raising their concerns.

The benefit of this item is that it offers ideas to how to protect the environment. It is my wish to raise awareness to safeguard the rights of animals. The reason why I feel that I should protect the rights of animals is that initially, I witnessed cruelty whereby boys threw a firecracker to a dog. I could not prevent the situation and the dog was injured. After this occurrence, I desired to care for animals whereby I offered a feral cat in the neighborhood food while it chased rats away. As I became older, I joined a group that increased awareness on need to protect animals. In my opinion, it is vital for individuals to protect animals by treating them properly.


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