Essay Sample on Marketing ‘Pink Slime’

Marketing ‘Pink Slime’

Pink slime is a phrase that refers to Lean Finely Textured Beef LFTB that is manufactured in beef organizations. This has been beneficial in that it has resulted to increase in revenues and improved production in beef companies.

The disadvantage of pink slim at the market is that it has attracted negative publicity due to the techniques that they use to produce it. These manufacturing techniques can be changed when the firm uses main marketing approaches. They include product, promotion and pricing which could aid the company to listen to clients’ complains to enable them to change the product. They can accomplish this mission by adding tasty flavors to the pink slime and ensure that they sell it detached from their beef (Weiss, Dallas News).

Another strategy will be to promote the product by branding it and spreading consumer’s awareness through use of campaigns. The company has managed to sell the pink slime by packaging it same way as beef to make it unique. This effective branding has turned out to be effective especially when clients try it when using new names such as ‘savorina.’ It is also clear that when the company promotes the product with various flavors, this would grant customers with a variety of choices.

Additionally, this promotion will also create awareness to consumers concerning its nutrition, uniqueness and safety in terms of consumption. Furthermore, the advertisement will also enlighten customers about the low fat content of the meat. Individuals will also be educated on preparing sausages with pink slime because it is an animal product. The beef company should also reduce the rates of prices on LFTB. This is to enable the low end clients to buy meat with similar nutritional content but processed differently.

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