Essay Sample on Odysseus



An individual who led the kingdom of Ithaka was known as Odysseus. He happened to be the son of the prominent leader Laertes, who served in the Ancient Greek. Hunter perceived Odysseus as a brilliant personality with a cunning nature who was also fluent in his speech. He was popular for the duration of ten years when he participated in Trojan War.

There was a woman from Troy called Hellen whom Odysseus wanted to marry her. However, Menelaus ended up marrying the woman that Odysseus demanded him to look for men to defend his rights in marriage (Hunter, 1997).  He found the men but Odysseus was too reluctant to fulfill his promise when he pretended to be a mad man.


In Latin, Odysseus was referred to as ‘Ulysses’ while his name in Roman was ‘Ulixes’ reflecting him as the leader of Ithaka Island kingdom. Hunter terms him as a brilliant personality with a cunning nature who was also fluent in his speech. He wanted to marry Hellen from Troy but Menelaus ended up marrying the woman. In spite of his delay to marry Hellen, Odysseus became famous when he participated in a historical Trojan battle.  Diomedes offered him help in this raid which he also used a Trojan horse that enabled them to conquer the Troy city.

After the demise of Achilles’ armor, Ajax and Odysseus participated in a competition in which the Greeks awarded Odysseus as the winner because of his eloquence (Tick & Edward, 1985).  Unfortunately, this outcome made Ajax to commit suicide. Hunter further reveals that Odysseus was brave when he won the underworld battles.  Charybdis and Scylla offered crucial advice that helped him to guide his people over the borders of Siren Perils. He failed to protect his people from a misunderstanding which made them to defy the divine commandment. This was evident when they killed and ate the god’s cattle that belonged to the sun.



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