Essay Sample on Terrorism


It is hard to analyze factors that drive individuals to indulge in terrorism activities. In attempt to find out the motives of such terrorists, it is essential to determine the psychology of a person instead of relying on the sociological outcome of a given group.

Clearly, a person who aspires to join the anarchistic should be supported by societal opprobrium but not rely on the support from the community. However, if one has the interest to be part of the separatist group that is ethnic related, he may seek help from the society. Crenshaw (2000) cites that individuals become terrorists to be able to join the group and be part of the illegal activities. They believe that when they are terrorists, they gain self worth and become brave. It is psychological pressures that drive people to be terrorists and not intentional choice.

In this context, rebels refer to a form of revenge that causes harm to a society which belonged to their close relatives. Additionally, individuals join terrorism because they are angry and believe that it is not wrong to be violent against a nation. They also believe that in joining terrorism, it grants them comradeship, adventure and also makes them feel unique. In this regard, it is vital to evaluate different ways that subject people to changes when they join terrorism.

It is significant to make them realize the consequences of their act instead of wanting to seek reasons that drive them to be terrorists. The benefits of such details are to render reasonable inventions that could aid to hinder this act of terrorism. It is evident that terrorists arise from a population that faces suffering from their act that is brought by self esteem.



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