Essay Sample on United States National Security

United States National Security

This paper depicts an analysis of the impact of transnational organizational crime and non state actors to national security in US. Hacktivists, terrorist firms and cyber offenders are part of the non state actors. Al Qaeda is one of the terror groups that tend to threaten America and they accomplish this by establishing cyber capabilities that are offensive.  Similarly, hackers are a threat to the national security when they target a variety of companies.

Clapper (2013, p. 3) cites that these attack groups have failed to record vital changes that could have affected the US national security in the previous year. There are approaches that hackers use and they include giving personal details that could identify them, and denying service attacks. America has the knowledge of non-actors who can interfere with the state security by dislocating supply of electricity, and financial networks. It is clear that firms that provide computer hardware and software promote cybercrime by allowing such criminals to hack the targeted organizations.

The outcome of transnational organized crime can occur via drug trafficking with US as a target market. In addition, crimes that are arranged in this manner involve numerous networks that promote terrorists acts across different nations. These networks that threaten the national security of America incorporate corrupt officials, and attorneys who exchange information with terrorists. It has come to US notice that Al-Qaida is motivated by Jihadist propaganda to arrange attacks that could happen across the globe.  In US, their main target is the Department of Defense whereby their use of explosive material has kept the security on high alert.

Additionally, criminal rely most on the US dollar which has affected financial system in the country. This issue becomes worse when America encounters hardship in enforcing laws across transnational borders (ISSUU, 2013, p. 1). Human trafficking also contributes largely to security problems in United States. As a result, this made the relevant authority to increase its efforts to curb all criminal who threaten the US national security.



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