Essay Sample on Why Do I Want To Become a Registered Nurse?

Why Do I Want To Become a Registered Nurse?

My passion in life is to become a professional nurse in future to achieve my dreams and count myself as a successful person. As a grow up, this dream has never changed in my entire life, and my interest in this career began while I was young.

In this profession, there are various aspects motivating me and they include the dress code. The manner in which nurses dressed attracted me to their profession because they always appeared to be very smart and clean. This culture grew in me in that at school, I could assist friends who were injured by playing the role of a nurse. I also developed passion in first aid that I joined first aid classes that was offered at our institution.

One day, a college career professor visited us a visit in high school and advised on choosing career wisely. It was then that I fully got an understanding concerning what nursing career entailed that motivated me to stick to the career. I learnt that nursing is way of life whereby its learning process never comes to an end. I have a vision of studying nursing profession to assist patients and feel as part of the entire society.

Currently, am serving as a medical assistant that has enabled me to gain practical experience in this field of medicine. Each day, I get to socialize with different individuals that give me a chance to appreciate diversity.  In this career, I learned that patients desire to be granted special attention to make them heal fast and feel happy. Furthermore, it gives me plenty of joy to see others happy after suffering from different ailments. In nursing, individuals are accountable for their actions which imply they should make decisions that matter. After I complete this course, my plan is to study a master’s degree and upgrade my experience in future.


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