Essay Summary on Labor Law

Labor Law

In March 1970, employees in America decided to go for a two week strike. This event left history in this country because it was unique and directed to the government. The postal offices that were affected were New York, Detroit and Philadelphia. Due to this event, the government announced a state of emergency. The strike led to a situation whereby the military replaced the postal workers to offer services to the public.

Factors that contributed to this strike included the work surrounding. This was evident when employees were paid low salaries and subjected to working conditions that were unhealthy. On top of these poor conditions, the government expected workers to deliver high quality services. Earlier, workers had attempted to consult with the management but failed hence decided to strike. The majority of these postal operators were the African American. Another aspect that led to the strike was discrimination.

The black workers felt that they were not being accorded the right treatment at the job place due to race issues. Furthermore, another challenge that facilitated the strike was when the central government decided to embrace with AFL-CIO unions only (Casebeer, 2011). As a result, this left out the National Alliance, which happened to be the postal labor union that was dominated by the blacks. The congress advocated for this strike because they wanted their salaries to be increased by 41 percent.

This strike came to an end after the leaders in the union decided to fight for the employees’ rights. After the strike, the National Alliance sustained their lamentations that contributed to the reorganization of the postal act in 1970. It also led to the formulation of the US Postal Workers Union. Collective bargaining reflects tactics in negotiation that recognizes interests of different parties. It aids parties to reach an agreement that is usually between the staff and the management to improve working conditions.



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