Essay Summary on Personal Ethics Development

Personal Ethics Development

Ethical systems are used to reveal how people live when they abide by ethics. I believe that ethical system depend on the best interest of people. This is regardless of their business and the relationships they have with other people. The way that an individual thinks, makes decisions and behaves formulates her ethical system.

Personally, my ethical system reflects the manner in which I was brought up in society. I grew in a Christian background where my parents believed in doing the right thing. They taught me to respect elders and review how consequences of my actions affected others. As I joined school, I further improved on my ethics. For instance, my teacher taught me that it was bad to steal stationery from other students. I embraced the ethical values that I learned both at school and home (Trevino & Nelson, 2011). Apparently, these ethics guide me on how to relate with other people well.

Ethical values also apply at work environment. In my case, I have been able to finish tasks on time without supervision. In this situation, I avoid activities that lower the performances of the company or affect my fellow staff. The ethics that I operate with have motivated me to stick to the positives and molded me into a good person. As a result, this has made me to be among the top workers who depict high performance at the firm. Besides guiding the manner that the company conducts business, ethics also shape the society.

These values also enhance smooth operations of firms when they enable workers to relate well with their bosses and clients. Furthermore, firms that operate on basis of ethical values always top in the market. Ethical principles are vital in people’s lives to govern and determine their level of success.



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