Essay Summary on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In social media, marketing refers to use of strategies and various technological aspects. Its objective is to accomplish the goals of the firm. This is via use of digital platforms such as Twitter and Face book. The idea behind marketing while using social media is to boost products and services of an organization. In addition, social sites aid to create awareness that eradicate behaviors that are related to addiction to drugs.

Marketing through social media is vital because it aids to upgrade a business. It is also more beneficial when an organization uses social media platform to target the youth.  This is because majority of young people interact with their friends on social media hence; they will access the information. This implies that firms that use social media as their major strategy in marketing will incur growth in future. Research reveals that people preferred to purchase their products on social media because they came with special deals and free offers.

To attract attention from the youth, marketers who use social media have to incorporate different forms of entertainment such as songs. Study reveals that marketing via social media has progressed by 13 percent. It further revealed that individuals who bought their products on social media spread the information to their friends who happened to be potential buyers. This happens when clients spend plenty of time on social sites. In this regard, they find it easier to inform others about the products while chatting.

According to the marketing theory, if a customer happened to like a particular brand, they tend to convince their friend to like it too. To foster business across social media, a marketer needs to offer valuable details to capture the attention of followers. The graph below reveal site following in percentage;


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