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A television is equipment that embraces a huge number of viewers. Its objective is to enhance and promote development in a community. It creates awareness to the viewers through its programs on social and economic aspects. The positive side of television is that it provides educational programs to audience. Conversely, its negative effects are evident when it distorts the reality. At the end, this can affect how individuals reason and act. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate on the significance and disadvantages of television.

The major function that the television plays is to convey details to individuals concerning factors that revolve around their life. It is a gadget that creates awareness to the public about the government. This information is vital because it aids in improving people’s life style. Another responsibility of the television is to promote the growth of the economy. This is through addressing issues concerning bad roads and health facilities to restore order.

However, a section of audience has criticized use of television to have disrupted with people’s privacy. For instance, televisions address unethical activities that famous individuals such as politicians engage in which affect the lives of people. It is also evident that televisions influence morals of citizens via its advertisements. In 1990s, tobacco introduced its (Bolin, 2008). advertisement on television. As a result, it made tobacco firms to increase their creativity. This is because the company preferred to use television as a major platform to promote its products.

The use of television as a medium to advertise on drug products has affected the lives of numerous youth in society. This form of advertisement has also increased smoking habits among the upcoming generation. In this regard, various firms that deal with human rights have condemned televisions for being a bad influence to the youth.  Besides this, television is important in society when it offer educative programs that influence the public positively.




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