Ethics Paper on Gay marriage

Gay Marriage

The US president addressed on the issue of gay marriage in his speech that he delivered in 2004. In regard to the discussion of gay marriage, it is essential for citizens, scholars and politicians in society to exhibit their perspectives on the matter. In relation to this idea, President Bush expressed his views by revealing how he honored family settings that incorporated the normal marriages between a man and a woman.

However, the proponents of gay marriage argued that since the act of marriage is a union between two people, gay people should not be restricted to marry. Clearly, the issue of marriage has faced changes in that in this contemporary society, people no longer have respect to it.  The opponents of gay marriage assert that it is bad because it depreciates morals of individuals in society. It is evident that in gay families that adopt children, they end up being misled thinking that gay marriages are appropriate (Burns 982).  This implies that the current parenthood will be blamed for giving improper direction to future generations.

According to the utilitarian approach, it is vital for individuals to note that marriage exists to enhance happiness in a family and promote social stability. This approach also depicts that marriage enhances overall utility hence it allows gay persons to be in marriage. Deontology also addresses on the aspect of gay by reflecting on the right of equality, and the government authority on such marriages. Based on this approach, the personal right in marriages is for couples to be happy which implies that it does not deny people of similar sex to get married.

Evaluating the two theories, it is clear that utilitarian approach best reveals need for future partners to be assisted via legalizing gay marriages. According to this theory, gay marriages should not be opposed in society to uplift happiness to same sex partners who intend to spend their life together.


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