Ethics Paper on Potter Box Application on Arthur Brisbane’s Case

Ethical values are an important part of a developing community. They are aimed at improving the lifestyles of the involved society. Arthur Brisbane has been objective in portraying an effective implementation of the Potter Box framework; in a corruption case involving county officials and private developers. As a reporter, it is vital to aid judicial proceedings, such as corruption investigation, by gathering vital evidence against an accused party. Genuine evidence, such as images and videos, would enhance the effectiveness of analyzing Brisbane’s case with respect to the Potter Box framework of analysis.

  1. Facts

The presence of a reporter – during an incidence where public resources are used in corruption schemes – is enough to prove factual details of the case. According to the case context, it is claimed that the reporter witnessed the truck approaching the service station and dumping asphalt salt in the environs. Moreover, there is the presence of physical evidence that is at the center of a conflict in the case context. The service station has enough asphalt content which could be legally useful when resolving a case of such nature.



  1. Values

Lack of ethical values between the administrative officials and private business people is attributed to the spread of corruption cases across the globe. It is for this reason that condemning all parties involved in a corruption case is vital irrespective of their administrative office in state and federal governments. Additionally, contributing factors promoting such a vice should also be addressed as there might exist human-inherent needs enhancing corruption. For instance, racial discrimination – in political – platforms would escalate conflicts where parties involved separate ideologies and relationships with outsiders.

  1. Principles

Most public resources end up in the pockets of the selected minorities who feel superior to other communities on account of political or leadership power. A racially discriminated individual, for instance, would feel indented to play part in his or her community development efforts. Such cases unify the oppressed parties who logically gang against a community that feels superior to others in a democratic and liberal society.

  1. Loyalties

As a neutral party intervening a corruption case, in reality, it would be vital to keep offtaking immediate actions against the representatives. There is a possibility that an order might have been sent from senior officials and the representative executed his or her role according to the wishes of a manager. The main course of action would entail recording and documenting the scene and activity by recording the entire exercise and supplying this information to the court for judicial interpretation and legal action.