Ethics: Sample Essay on Abortion


Abortion refers to a deed that makes an individual to terminate her pregnancy. This implies that the potential mother will not deliver a child within the gestation time. The bible depicts the action to be a murder case. As a result, the government and the entire community are not in support of abortion. However, this act of abortion can only be permitted if it will subject the mother to complications.

This situation is depicted as urgent and only performed by doctors to save the life of the mother. Evidently, abortion is against ethical values hence it is not accepted in the society. Based on Utilitarianism theory, a source of greatest joy should apply to many people. It further reveals that if actions of individuals grant them happiness, they are perceived to be correct. Conversely, activities that make people sad are viewed to be wrong.

The benefit of this theory is that it enhances happiness among people. However, it also contributes to problems that take place in today’s community. Apparently, abortion is a challenge that has prevailed in the current community. In reference to Utilitarianism approach, if the mother got pregnant via abortion, the child should be terminated. This is because, she is supposed to be happy and this occurrence could make her to have a sad life. The child that she will deliver will forever make her remember the ordeal she went through.

Furthermore, the mother will not be in a position to express affection to her baby. However, if the mother might deliver and forget about the rape incident, this implies that she will love her child. In such a situation, it will be wrong to let the mother go through an abortion. Utilitarian’s assert that abortion is wrong but if it makes the mother happy, it should be allowed.


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