Example of a Research Paper Essay

Example of a Research Paper

A well written example of a research paper is the best material that you can use in order to properly know how to craft a good one. Writing research papers is a task that you will be often faced with, therefore, it is critical that you know how to successfully use an example of a research paper in writing a unique and error-free report.

A research paper example or sample in this case, simply refers to a prototype of a research paper. This implies it is a typical academic paper written by someone else, maybe a student, or professional in a particular area of study. An example of a research paper, therefore, bears all the features and elements of an actual report of a given study.

There are several benefits of knowing how to use an example of a research paper in writing your own piece. Using a research paper example can enable you to easily determine the right format for writing every section of a research paper. This will make it easier for you to come up with a proper outline and eventually, a good research paper.

Depending on the topic or subject of your research, you can always find a wide range of examples to choose from. This will assist you in sourcing ideas for crafting your paper. Besides, it will also save you a lot of time and effort that could have been spent on research and other relevant activities.

How to identify a good example of a research paper

Although there are lots of research paper examples that are available for use by students, not all are generally good. Since the sample is used as a writing guide, you should always make sure that you have the right one. Remember, it is only by using a professionally crafted example of a research paper that you will be able to deliver the best piece.

There are certain features that must be highlighted in a research paper. Hence, you should also know the basic elements of a research paper that set it apart from other academic papers. The following are some of the indicators of a good research paper example.

  • Vividly sets the stage and states the problem in the introduction
  • Presents a proper and reliable literature review
  • Give a clear hypothesis; the proposed explanation that will be tested in the study
  • Comprehensively show the methods used in the research
  • Provide a descriptive information about the findings of the study
  • Presents a logical discussion based on the findings, so readers can understand the concept of the paper
  • Make a precise and clear conclusion

A good research paper should also highlight all the references to ‘borrowed’ ideas, as cited in the paper. However, the referencing styles may vary from MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, depending on the instructions of the paper.  This implies you should find a research paper sample that is cited in the style that your paper will be based on.

Tips on how use an example of a research paper

After choosing the appropriate research paper example to use, you can then proceed to finding out how to apply it in writing. The following tips will guide you on how to effectively use an example of a research paper for writing.

Most of the research paper samples that you will find online or even from friends are mainly designed for reference purposes. This means that they should precisely be used in sourcing for ideas on how research papers should be crafted.

Submitting a research paper sample obtained online for an assignment or even term paper could attract penalties and is not recommended. However, you can order for a custom written research paper sample online for submission.

Before you begin using a research paper sample, take some time to carefully read it in order to properly understand the intentions of the author and how the study is discussed. Keenly look at how each section of the paper is presented to project a reasonable argument.

In case there are certain terms or phrases that you do not understand in the sample research paper, it is advisable that you mark them and get their meanings so you are able to properly understand the sample and all its contents.

When using a research paper example, you should not directly copy the points presented therein on to yours. The ideas in the paper are meant to assist you in brainstorming for the one that you intend to write. In case there is some information in the example that you may want to use in your paper, ensure that it is correctly cited.

From the sample research paper that you are using, you will also be able to get links or leads to other information sources. It is always important to properly cite all the information, including data obtained from other sources.

However, you should know the difference between opinions and facts in order to determine what is to be cited and not. For instance, your own opinion should not be cited.

It is advisable that you read through research paper samples referenced in different styles in order to effectively know how each should be applied when paraphrasing.

Research papers are written to discuss different kinds of studies or experiments. Therefore, it is advisable that you use an example that is based on the particular topic or subject that you intend to address in your paper. In fact, this will enable you to easily get ideas and analyze your thoughts for a logical argument in the paper.

Although the writing style and format for research papers is generally similar across all academic levels, it is always advisable that you use an example that is meant for your level. If you are in college, choose an example of a research paper for college instead, of high school or university.

In order to avoid problems in writing, it is always recommended that you use a research paper example that is written in simple language. Using a sample that is very technical and complicated could be confusing and end up misleading you.

For you to create an outstanding research paper, using an example, it is advisable that you draft an outline first. Based on the ideas that you have borrowed from the sample, try to make a structure or format showing how your paper will be crafted.

The outline that you have created should be simple, but clearly address all the elements of a research paper as discussed above.

Research Paper Examples

Perhaps, you may still not have been able to determine the best example of a research paper to use in writing yours. The following are samples of research papers written by professionals, that you can read for more insights and motivation in writing.

Example 1

Sample Research Paper on Iraq-Iran War

‘’The beginning of the Iraq-Iran war was marked by the invasion of Iran by Iraq. This attack introduced concurrent clashes on land and space into the Kingdom of Iran on 22nd September 1980. Consequently, they had been a history of withstanding boundary disagreements as well as Shia revolution’s qualms among the Shia majority group which had suffered oppression for a long time in Iraq.

The Iraq-Iran war lasted for close to eight years, and was among the most exorbitant battles that were fought in that century…’’

Read the whole research paper example on this link.

Example 2

Research paper on Social Media Criminal Cases in the United Arab Emirates

‘’Instances of criminal cases being performed through the social media have been witnessed severally in the United Arab Emirates over the recent past. They include parody videos’ posts on YouTube, speculative prejudice and corruption posts against superior police officers on Twitter and individuals insulting one another on the social media, especially on Twitter (Baggili 137). There are people who have also been charged after being arrested for insulting rulers in the UAE as well as using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for endangering national security…’’

Simply click here to read the rest of the sample research paper.

Example 3

Research Paper on Escoffier and 3 Regions of France

‘’Escoffier Augustine was one of the world’s best superstar chefs, born October 28th in Villeneuve-Loubet in France. He was son to Jean-Baptise and Madeleine Civatte. In his early years, Escoffier had the vision of becoming a sculptor. His grandfather was a passionate cook who encouraged him to develop the passion for cooking. Although Escoffier did not have the passion of becoming a cook, his grandfather pushed him to be so. He continued with studies until age of twelve years (Escoffier. Edu 1)…’’

Find the rest of the research paper example here.

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