Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Various Health Problems in Middle-aged Adult

Regular exercise and activity in middle-age adult can reduce many mental and physical conditions. Some cancers and hypertension are some of the conditions whose chances of occurrence may be reduced by exercise and nurses can direct patients when it comes to how to incorporate exercise into their lives

As mentioned, exercise can reduce the chances of acquiring some cancers and hypertension. According to Wiley – Blackwell (2010), “Research has shown a strong relationship between increased physical activity and reduced colon cancer in both sexes. And men who are more active at work have lower rates of prostate cancer.” Moreover, “Regular moderate to intense physical activity is associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease and ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke.” globally, there were 18 million cases of cancer with 8.5 million and 9.5 million cases in women and men respectively. Additionally, Alexander (2019) recorded, about 26% of the total population, that is 972 million, people, has hypertension and the prevalence is expected to rise to 29% by 2025. Hypertension also contribute primarily to the third and first causes of death worldwide: stroke and heart diseases. Therefore, these conditions are significant health problems that need addressing.

As mentioned, nurses can help patients to incorporate exercise in their lives. I would recommend the exercise that I think different clients need per their health needs, for example, I would recommend cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging. For obese people because such exercises would help them to burn fat thus lower their weight. I believe the only way to helping clients to sustain exercises is reminding them of its importance and illustrating to them the dangers of ignoring exercises. Indeed, it is easy to start exercising but without the self-drive, which is born from understanding the importance of exercise, it is hard to sustain it.

Indeed, exercising is an important way of promoting health and nurses can people to understand the significance of the activity and recommend the right exercises for different situations.


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