Expository Essay Examples

Expository Essay Examples

Before writing an expository paper, it is wise to get facts and just real facts about the paper by reviewing expository essay examples. An expository essay is paper that gives information, describes, explains, takes sides or gives an opinion. Text in an expository essay is based on one topic and is usually developed around a combination of patterns or a given pattern. When writing an expository essay, the writer has to assume that the target audience does not have prior knowledge of the topic being discussed.

Therefore, clarity is essential and it calls for strong text organization. This is one of the most significant strategies or mechanisms in expository essay examples that helps to enhance exposition skills and essay organization. It is also essential to note that just like any other essay, the essay should include an

  • Introductory paragraph that is catchy—for example

Introduction of a cause and effect essay

The Second World War had a major impact not only to the forces aligned to the European political forces but it also, changed the balance of power across the globe leading to bipolar political structure.

  • A sound thesis statement
  • Main body paragraphs that supports the thesis statement and
  • A concluding paragraph that sums up all your points and ends an essay

The length of the essay however varies depending on the subject and a tutor’s requirements.

Expository essay examples characteristics

A wide range of expository essay examples have the same features. These are essential in any expository writing because they enable you to organize your text well and to write a readable essay. When writing the paper, you should ensure that you write about personal opinions.

Remember the main purpose of expository writing is to inform target audience and explain facts by comparing, analyzing or by telling a story. For this reason, it is imperative to offer factual information and to back up your statements using

  • Statistics
  • Charts
  • Expository essay examples and
  • Graphs

Expository essay examples and types

There are different expository essay examples and they are categorized based on the type of expository writing. However, the most common types include process expository essay, descriptive essay, cause and effect expository essay.

Process expository essay

his is an expository paper that informs readers in a step by step process on how something is done or the process it takes to carry out a task. A great process expository paper is detailed and long enough to inform target audience. It doesn’t leave anything out so that a reader can complete a given task successfully. Some of the topics for process expository essay examples include

Cue words used in process expository essay writing include first, second, third, fourth, next, then and finally.

Descriptive expository essay

This paper describes something. The purpose of this form of expository writing is to offer a very clear picture of what you are writing about in the mind of your reader. An excellent descriptive paper is full of details and facts. Some of descriptive expository essay examples include topics such as description of a favorite summer trip, description of a legend or your first date among others.

Cue words used in this form of writing include, for example, the features or characteristics are…………………..

Cause and effect expository essays

These are essays that offer clear explanation of how an action leads to an effect. For instance, you can list possible causes of malaria of you are tackling a topic on how a person can get malaria. In general, cause and effect essays usually serve as an explanation on why something is the way it is or turned out to be the way it is. Some of the topics covered by cause and effect expository essay examples include how lack of exercise and eating junk food can lead to obesity and what were the causes of the Second World War among other related topics.

Cue words for the essay include therefore, because, if, why, as a result and reasons why.

Compare and contrast expository essay

Compare and contrast expository writing discusses similarities and differences between two items or things. A comparison essay will focus on similarities while a contrast paper will focus on the differences. Therefore, an author will clearly explain how two or more items are different from each other or how the items are similar.

The cue words used in many compare and contrast expository essay examples include different, same as, on the other hand, in contrast and alike.

Basics for excellent expository essay examples

When you review expository essay examples, you stand a chance of writing an excellent paper. Even so, it is wise to have an idea of what makes an excellent expository paper before you embark on the writing process. Below are some of the tips you should always keep in mind when tackling expository writing assignments

  • Write clear and concise statements
  • It is wise to brainstorm over a given subject or topic. It helps you to make an outline and have a better idea of how to go about your paper.
  • Use second person writing perspective
  • Always choose on the method of text development to avoid confusion. This can be compare and contrast, define, analyze, cause and effect or classify. By choosing method of development, you will define your style of writing thus, making the writing process simple and interesting
  • Write down a thesis statement and ensure that you have topic sentences for all paragraphs
  • Emphasize on significant points to write a successful paper. It enables you to be factual and inform your readers without being subjective
  • End your essay by restating the argument, summing up all important facts and giving leads for further research
  • Your writing should be brief and each paragraph should cover a specific topic
  • Each sentence in your paper should inform the reader of a new idea
  • Use the right transitions based on the type of expository paper you are working on. If you are not sure, you can always review expository essay examples for the right cue words.
  • Connect your sentences using transitory words and ensure your sentences are flawless. You can always review expository essay examples and learn how to connect your paragraphs.
  • Proofread your essay and check for any possible mechanical errors. A good essay is readable, free of grammar, spelling and typo errors. You can have another person to proofread your essay because it is easy to miss out on the mistakes you make but a third party can easy spot the errors.
  • Last but not least, always show the deeper side of your topic or the chosen subject for an excellent paper. You can always check out expository essay examples and have a better understanding of how the entire writing process is all about. With good examples, writing a flawless paper will not be a problem.

Examples of expository essays

Effects expository essay

Sample essay on the effects of cold war on Asia

Cold War tensions began drifting drastically from many parts of Europe to Asia in 1949 when the birth of the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed by Mao ZeOdong. Zeodong was a communist and as a result, this was seen by the United States of America as a success of the Communist ideologies of the Soviets. In fact, this was a shock to the US because they had always feared that such a move would to the expansion of Communist influence to the greater part of Asia.Visit the link  here  and learn more about expository writing.

Example 2

Topic: United Kingdom Healthcare System

The healthcare system of the United Kingdom, also known as the National Health Service was established after the Second World War. However, it became functional on July 5th 1948. The healthcare system today has grown rapidly to become one of the largest healthcare systems across the globe. The UK has a devolved healthcare system and this means that Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, have their own healthcare systems that are privately and publicly funded. Follow this link assignmentwritinghelp.net  to read the above essay and find other useful information on expository essay writing.

Example 3

Topic- African American Folk Songs

Music is considered a high form of art with which, we think is a comparatively present or recent phenomena but on the other hand, music has probably existed just as speech itself. When humans first expressed ideas in words, they learnt to express their emotions in music.

One of the earliest music forms that the common people of many countries across the globe practiced was folk song. As the recorded emotions of a people, they are highly invaluable and are of great significance based on the fact that we see a beginning of musical form recognition as we have today. Click  here read the above essay and master the art of expository essay writing.

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