Final Project on Environmental and Social Sustainability Plan

Global warming, environmental pollution, social hardship, and poverty are some of the global problems that continue to raise great concerns. In order to handle these issues, modern companies should strive to not only save on costs but also remain environmentally aware and beneficial to the society. The current era requires businesses to focus their efforts on financial, environmental, and social sustainability. One of the notable organizations that are seen as being environmentally sensitive and have created a vision for social care is 6. To effectively address problems associated with the triple bottom line, FORD formulated the PACE program which engages the company’s key stakeholders including the suppliers and e customers. Through taking this approach, the firm continues to enjoy massive profitability as it provides its clients with quality products that align with the environmental regulatory terms and conditions. To measure its efforts in promoting nature sustainability, the company utilizes Global Reporting Metric that enables it to consider its economic, environmental and social impacts caused by its daily business activities.

Environmental and Social Sustainability Plan

Amid the current turmoil within FORD, it is imperative for the company to embrace new sustainability practices as integral solutions. To resolve the issues related to nature protection, FORD Company should adopt strategies that align with the standards and regulations provided by global environmental bodies such as UNEP. This would allow the organization to utilize input products that do not cause environmental pollution or disturbance. Since global warming is a great concern, it is crucial for the business to reduce or eliminate activities that would increase emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The company should also collaborate with suppliers who provide non-pollutant and recyclable products, and use renewable sources of energy.

Human resource is regarded as one of the company’s best assets to success. It is thereby important for FORD Company to support and motivate all of its employees. For workers to feel a sense of belonging, the organization has to formulate effective communication channels that will allow them to voice their opinions and grievances. Additionally, the business can adopt a new culture of appreciating its employees by providing them with appraisals, promotions, salary increments, and professional training. This will help the firm to retain the best talents and avoid cases of ‘brain drain’.

Aside from the employees, the customers also play a big role in driving the company towards success. It is, therefore, important for the organization to produce quality products, address customers’ concerns, and involve clients in its initiatives to establish environmental and social sustainability. Through these approaches, the business would attain a long-term relationship with its suppliers and customers.