Finance: Coursework on Challenges Facing Financial Managers

Challenges Facing Financial Managers

Devlin, A. (2010). ANTITRUST IN AN ERA OF MARKET FAILURE. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, 33(2), 557-606. Retrieved from

In this article, it is clear that antitrust benefits the business when they enhance regulation of free markets. This policy aids clients to access products cheaply and in the correct quantity. Its other benefit is evident when it facilitates fair competition among various trades. In situation whereby free markets incur downfall and later improve, has led to a discussion concerning stability. The objective of the organization is to make profits. However, when the head of finances fail to embrace antitrust directives, they contribute to lack of progress in a business. Furthermore, when policies of the firm fail to relate with antirust, it makes it hectic to make effective decisions.

Tennant, D., & Kirton, C. (2007). The impact of foreign direct investment, financial crises and organizational culture on managers’ views as to the finance-growth nexus. Journal of Economic Issues, 41(3), 625-660. Retrieved from

The author of this item reveals about culture and ways in which its values are practiced. This journal depicts the outcome of modern and foreign ideologies that are applied in a firm. It is significant for any firm to uphold decision making. This is to find solutions to challenges that affect it. Market liquidity refers to a practice that facilitates sell of assets without increasing its prices and making them loss its value. It is an aspect that enables the business to grow and attract investors.

Financial managers find it hard to deal with competition at the market. It is vital for them to understand that competition promotes the economy and encourages them to innovate (McMenamin, 2002).  A business that is efficient incorporates fair prices that are not biased in any manner. By enhancing an effective market, financial managers will be in a position to account properly and increase on returns.



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