Five Paragraph Essay

An essay is a literal piece of writing usually written to express the author’s point of view, concept or claim backed up by supporting evidence. The author may write about life’s observations, arguments, political topics, reflections, and recollections.

An essay can be written in different formats but the most popular is the five-paragraph essay. When writing a five paragraph essay, the author is allowed to take whatever dimension he/she pleases. 5 paragraph/paragraphs essay is normally used a model or guide when writing essays, although it is not the only format.

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The first exposure for students learning how to quality essay is to write 5 paragraph essay. Learning how to write a five-paragraph essay helps students to learn how to organize their thoughts. Five paragraph essay has three main parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Introduction- This is the first paragraph and it introduces the main topic or idea to readers. It should contain a thesis statement and a general outline of the essay. The paragraph should also utilize transitional hooks, which move the reader from the introduction phase to the body.
  2. Body- This is the second paragraph when writing a five paragraph essay. It contains a strong argument and beginning illustration or example. The topic is mentioned in the second sentence with a reverse hook tying it to the introductory paragraph. The body should contain at most three paragraphs, and the last sentence should connect it to the conclusion.
  3. Conclusion- This paragraph is a summary of the main points and re-asserts the author’s claim or point of view. It also signals to the reader that the discussion has ended.

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The biggest challenge in writing a five-paragraph essay is developing and maintaining an interesting flow of ideas. Most of the time students tend to repeat themselves when given five-paragraph essay topics.

Another common problem is choosing improper tenses, endless paragraphs, wrong use of commas and colons. Students should avoid the use of ‘we’ at all costs if they do not understand how to use it. When assigned to write 5 paragraph essay, it is advisable to buy custom five paragraph essays or request advice in choosing five paragraph essay topics from reputable custom writing services like


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