Gender Studies Paper on Sexism and Inequality in Female Sports

African American sports professionals have played an important role in the American culture and history. One of the most important change that brought a big significance in the history of sports is allowing women to take part in sporting activities. It allowed African American women to enjoy the same rights their male counterparts in the field. However, in recent years, African American women have faced gender inequality in their professions. However, these women can advocate to be treated equally as the men in their professions in several ways.

One avenue that these ladies can use to champion for their rights is to join women’s rights organizations. Additionally, they can either join or organize events in schools, universities, or towns that protest against inequality in the sport profession. During these events, they can advocate for the formulation of policies that discourage the unfair treatment of black women in the sports field. For example, they can take advantage of the Girls and Women in Sports Day which is celebrated during the first Thursday of February to raise their issues (Jackson, and Haigh 41). If these women are persistent enough, then the society will listen and join them in their cause.

Successful Black sports women have a huge following around the world, especially in the social media. They can use the platform to speak out against inequality in the sporting field. Being silent on the issue they undergo in their field every day in their career has a big negative impact in the success of their career. If they speak out on the issue that they are facing it will create attention on peoples mind, take them to be true making them to seek out for possible solutions affecting athletes.  They should also take advantage of every opportunity to raise issues affecting women in sports in places such as meeting, conferences and lecture halls. During such occasion successful women in sports can encourage other upcoming professionals in sports to take their careers seriously. (Feminist Majority Foundation). Also, professional women can offer them advice on how they can make it on their careers or other people they can consult so as to get more information.

Media significantly influences change in the society. Professional black women in the sport arena should not hesitate to make their programs, actions, and other activities known to the general public. They should encourage the media to air some of their activities that they are involved in to encourage other women to join these activities. TV programs and local radio shows should be used as one of the means of advocating against inequality among women in the sporting arena (Feminist Majority Foundation).

Conclusively, over the years black women in the field of sports have undergone one or more form unfair treatment. However, a number of these women have come out to raise some of these issues affecting them in the aim of finding possible solutions. One good example of solving these issues facing them is through legal means especially for complex issues. The issues have been raised through the use of media and social platforms. Also, more women have been encouraged to join the career despite some of the challenges being faced in the field with the hope that these challenges will be a thing of the past.


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